"It's pronounced NUKYOOLAR!"



  • Alan


When I was a kid in grade school, because of television, I had always thought that nuclear and nucular were two valid and different words.

However, my mother taught me that one was simply wrong, by simply offering me a dictionary. If only someone could do that for other people.

There’s a lot of people in high places, although much lower-profile than the POTUS, who butcher the word, but even they would make an exception for the one speech they’d give that everyone sees.

I mean, fuck dude. Imagine he manages to capture bin Laden and present him to the media with another mission accomplished backdrop then follows up by bragging how we’ve stopped his nukular ambitions. Why not just let Cheney give the goddamned speeches?

I was watching one of his follow-up speeches just a moment ago, where he’s offering clarification of his war strategy to an audiance full of military personell and their families, and he’s rambling like he’s on meth. It’s endearing that he’s so heartfelt and all, but c’mon dude, it’s not like they’re media jackals snapping at your achilles, you’re on freindly turf.

I tried to imagine what id’d be like to be among that crowd, being primed to applaud all kinds of shit I’m led to expect him to say then when he finally gets around to saying it no one applauds because no one is quite sure what he’s getting at, and it’s maybe kinda worrysome because, hey, all of us here have a stake in it.

Follwup speech: THUMBS DOWN

It was a little more stump speech than a State of the Union ought to be, but I did enjoy the “Sarcastic Clapping Representative Government.”