It's spelled independEnt

With an “e” FFS. And it’s not the “Declaration of Independance” either. That is all.
Feel free to rip on me mercilessly for caring enough to start a thread about this. Or contribute your own spelling or pronunciation peeves to the thread, either way.

Right, it’s the Declaration of Independents. Everyone knows that.

Wooh grammar!


Another “nails on chalkboard” thing for me is when people don’t pronounce the “l” in the first syllable of the word “vulnerable.” Aaargh!

No need to be so pendentic.

Bite me. English is hard.

What? You mean “pronounce” as in “make it more prominent?” Because it’s definately there a little bit.

Whingy grammer threads are so passay.

I always get this one wrong first time. Also, “definitely”, and “rhythm”.

I can say though that I have never written “rediculous” or misused “bias” in my life.

One of my favorite toys as a young lad was my Speak 'n Spell, at least until I disassembled it but that’s another story. Anyway, my favorite word to be asked to spell was always ‘rhythm’, and I always hit the key to make it say it over and over because it sounded like Stephen Hawking throwing up.

You were young enough to enjoy Speak n’ Spell yet old enough to know who Stephen Hawking is and yet immature enough again to enjoy a disabled person making a barf sound.

I’d love to read the elementary-school development report on you. :)

These kinds of threads are so asinine it’s almost not worth commenting on them, but obviously I’m doing it anyway.

You misspelled assinine. Hope this helps!

You’re no rock 'n roll fun, El Guapo.

Yeah I was a weird kid, there’s no two ways about it. Hey what does that mean, anyway?

They’re probably saying venerable. Maybe it’s you.


Get over it.

I work with a woman who pronounces potatoes ‘budados’, frustrated ‘fustratred’, quesadillas ‘kweezadillas’ and cantaloupe ‘cantenloup’. She also interchanges words like ‘wait’ and ‘want’ or ‘intermediate’ and ‘independent’ as if they mean or even sound the same. Finally, my name is Joel and she insists on pronouncing it with two syllables. Joe-El. Like I’m Superman’s half-brother.

If I can put up with that, you can put up with people misspelling a coupla easily misspelled words.


Uh, no, unless they’re misusing the word venerable and think it means vulnerable (judging from the context). I’m talking about people who pronounce it “vunnerable.”

I work with a guy who pronounces “fajitas” as “fah.jeye’.tahs”.

I sure hope your usual topics of conversation don’t include Tex-Mex food, then. Damn, that would grate.