It's Splinter Cell District Attorney Monday on Xbox Live!

Okay, since last Wednesday seemed to be a casualty of the Windows Live update, and the fact that some folks hadn’t gotten the game, anyone up for some Sam We Are tonight?

I’ll be online playing after about 9:30pm California time if anyone wants to jump in with me. I’ve love to get a few co-op medals to warm up and then do some versus stuff, preferably with and against you folks.


I’m almost definately in. I’m really looking forward to playing this game without fear of having a spy grab me from behind then hearing an 11 year old yelling into my ear.

I’m in…

…if you do it Wednesday as well.

Dude, Wednesday is, like, two whole days away. Who’s still going to be playing Splinter Cell DA then?


I’m a “maybe.” If you see me on, send me an invite.

Had fun doing a late-night co-op with Tom last week. I’m still figuring it all out, but it’s a good time.

I’ll be up for some marvel ultimate alliance as well. Maybe. I cant decide if I should skip all the filler and just grab the AAA stuff that is starting to flow or if I should just grab every damn thing I want and build a ‘play me’ pile.

I gotta watch heroes with the wife tonight, I have dinner out tuesday, and then whammo, I can game for like 6 hours a night the rest of the week.

Great games, guys. That last match was so brutal that it froze up my 360!

I’ve got to get some work done now, but thanks for the games. It really does reach a whole new level of tension when you play the same map a few times and end up with a group of folks who know the ins and outs.


I don’t think I quite figured out that level, but I knew my way around you Upsilon chumps’ necks.

Yeah, that was a lot of fun. Knowing the maps is crucial to being competent at all… and even after playing that same one for five rounds I still feel like I only know 25% of it.

I’m definately into playing that some more… maybe Wednesday night.

Yea, I had a great time playing with all of you last night! I’m definately ready for more this week!