It's Splinter Cell: Double Agent Wednesday on Xbox Live!

Okay, who’s up for some multiplayer tonight, co-op to unlock medals or multiplayer to build up your rating? I’ll be on after 9pm California time for most of the evening. Gamertag is ‘tomchick’. I’d much rather play with any of you guys than the doofuses who’ve been online so far.

Despite the distinct gameplay, there seems to be something about Splinter Cell that attracts a certain level of stupididity and annoyingness.


Like I said in my previous thread, this is exactly why I never got into it. The game really attracts a Halo 2 type crowd. I guess it’s just that SC is so mainstream.

Just goes to show you that you can make one of the most complex and innovative multiplayer experiences, and the mass market will still come. Just throw Tom Clancy’s name on it, and even the mud people will paw at it until they figure it out.

I might be available at that time. I got the new box right here, so I’ll look for ya.

I wouldn’t mind a little co-op, at least until I learn the ropes. Never did much multiplayer on the other Splinter Cell titles (I usually like them as single player games, but I’m willing to give it a shot).

co-op to learn the ropes would be good for me as well…

9pm sounds fine, time to walk the dogs and play some SP first.

One thing: is live even working? the 24 hour thing seems to be 48 hours on my end, as far as and stuff goes at least.

I don’t have the game, but I would be interested in knowing how it went if you guys get a game together tonight.

One of the things I’m most curious about is how easy it turns out to be to put together a QuarterToThree game.

In Halo 2 its really easy to put together a party by joining your friends, and then finding games together. By contrast, in other games like the Outfit, its a little harder to join your friends online. And then in games like Call of Duty 2, it’s a pain in the ass to try to join your friends in a game because they made it almost goddamned impossible with their stupid ass interface. (This was before the big CoD2 multiplayer patch, I don’t know if they’ve changed the interface since then).

It will be pretty easy, actually. You can only have 6 people in a room, and on the 360 you can invite anyone from your friends list into a room.

By the way, I just tried to sign onto Live here, and it was down.

I was on earlier. You might have to reset your settings, flyinj. Xbox Live was down the last day or so for maintenance, and I had to re-enter my DNS and all that mumbo jumbo to get back online.


Mine is running really screwy now. I was able to log onto Live, but as soon as I started SC it knocked me off Live. I tried to connect to Live while in game through the middle button pane, and it failed. Then I quit the game to the dashboard, and it immediately reconnected me.

I ran the network test, and everything was “confirmed”, except Xbox live, which failed. Now I can’t log on at all even after rebooting to the whole console… dash or in game.

Great. I just popped in Just Cause, and as soon as it loads the game it boots me off Xbox live as well. What the hell is going on here.

EDIT: Ok, well now it’s letting me stay on Live after loading games. Buggy…

Mine is totally sporadic as well. First I can’t connect, then I can, then I can’t. Sometimes the network test passes, sometimes it doesn’t. isn’t working yet, either. The site is up, but if you go to My Xbox and hit the Sign In link, it just kicks you back to the front page. It’s been doing that all day.

Obviously Live’s 24-hour maintenance…wasn’t.

I’ll be playing single-player, if you happen to get in and see me online, feel free to send an invite. I turned my notifications on for once. (I really wish they would give me separate checkboxes for invite/message notifications, and friends-coming-online notifications. Because I want the former, but not the latter, so I typically have notifications off.)

Oh for fuck’s sake. I can’t get on either.

Great timing, Microsoft. Why couldn’t you have done your frickin’ maintenance back when there wasn’t anything to play. So much for Splinter Cell: Double Agent Wednesday.


I saw Tom online for a second in SC, but then he disappeared. I bet he’s having the same issue I was.

Tom, just stick another game in after being signed on, then pop it out and pop in SC. That’s what worked for me.

Jason, what is your gamer tag? Fulci is on right now, so if everyone can get connected we can get a 2v2 going.

I’m having off and on troubles as well.

edit: motherfucker, I cant even sign in at all now, much less sign in and get booted when the game starts

Ah well, screw it then. Another time.

I love that I can run the network test and everything is golden, and then I sign back in and it craps out right away. I really love that part.

Same here. Network tests say everything’s thumbs up. Actually logging on doesn’t present nearly as rosy a picture.

BTW, Wholly Schmidt emailed me to say he’s been trying to join us, but couldn’t because he’s having router problems. I assured him his router was probably just fine.



Xbox live is closed. If people get bitchy about this and it lasts another day or so (we’re nearly 24 hours past scheduled downtime) the word of m outh on live is going to get ugly when people thinking of buying holiday 360s ask current owners.

“ok, so it costs money AND you couldnt play for days on end? And sony’s is free, but the system is $100 more for the 20gb?”

Ah well, SP time.

Well I’m one of the mud people but I’d like to try this out. My tag is Fiendbear. Not a lot of time to play since I’m putting in 70-80 weeks these days but it would be nice to kick back and shoot some people for an hour or so.

I have live but I mostly play Fight Night which has been the best online fun I’ve had except maybe COD I. I haven’t tried many other Live games yet.


Sorry, but the fact that you were able to find this forum at all disqualifies you from being one of the mud people.