It's that special time of year

You’re missing the chocolate death popcorn.

What the hell does popcorn have to do with christmas. Barbarians.

I’ve never been able to understand why people want to eat cold butter flavored popcorn. Several years ago an employer game us a giant tin of popcorn for the Holidays and we were all excited until we realized it was the butter flavored kind. I think one guy ended up eating almost all of it since none of the rest of us would touch it.

There’s an old tradition of people using thread to create popcorn strands to wrap around their trees. A cheap but decent way of decorating. As a result, popcorn is still associated with the Holiday season in the US.

The butter and cheese flavors are generally pretty stale. The caramel coating helps preserve the popcorn’s natural crunch. Were it fresh I’d like the cheddar best, but otherwise I go with caramel.


This poll fails for a lack of


I’ve never heard of chocolate flavored popcorn as any sort of popular treat. I need to visit more popcorn confectionery stores post haste. It must be something special since it is currently tied with good old butter flavored.

It’s not chocolate flavored, it’s chocolate covered. Completely different level of yumminess. And moose munch flavor is both caramel and chocolate… mmmm

This poll may be dumber than DeepT.

It’s only dumb because the correct answer is so obvious: caramel.

Dale And Thomas Popcorn makes the best variety:

Why is there no all 3 at once option?


I get wrecked on Moose Munch and spiked egg nog every year.

Its a tradition.

Oh god, Moose Munch is so delicious and so deadly. I go through a bag without even thinking about it. SO GOOD!

I just ordered some Moose Munch, speak of the devil!

There’s a Harry & David store not too far from where I live. I’ve never actually had Moose Munch. Is it seriously that good? I have never heard of this traditional holiday food.


Kerzain, I like your style. Great thread. Already plowed through one of those this winter.