It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


Respectably wrong.


Ok next frame coming up in an hour or so if nobody gets it.

I know at least a few people here have seen it, as that’s how it got recommended to me


The Night Comes for Us. I love that dude’s face and how he uses it. He’s got a kind of Mfune thing going.



Wow, totally. I couldn’t find a Seven Samurai still that quite shows the pose, but this is along those lines:

That particular sitting posture with the elbows out is something I’ve seen Mifune do, though.


Ok then, here is the 40:40

I like this shot


The 60:60 because @tomchick nailed it
A far less interesting shot than the 40

80:80 here we see the lea’s face (it’s the back of his head in the 20)

and the final shot, 100:100


I started watching that film because I love the Raid. And normally I actually really enjoy bloody fight scenes, but for some reason, watching the fight with the cleavers at the beginning of the film turned me off to it.


Well it doesn’t really get less bloody later. The 80 in particular is before a fairly intense fight.

Actually, for me, it may be bloodier but it also feels less…grounded would be my term. Especially the filming and shot composition, it feels much more superhuman and less like the firmly rooted in the real world of The Raid.


Damn, missed it. Even not being the biggest fan of The Raid, that was one I enjoyed a lot.


I’m not a fan of these Indonesian fight movies, but if I’m going to watch one, I’d just as soon watch one as over-the-top as The Night Comes for Us. It’s very nearly a comedy.

I’ll post a new frame tomorrow night, when I get back to my computer. w00t!



I prefer the choreography and cinematography of Hong Kong or Tokyo myself, but Indonesian films do have their own unique style, so I do dabble in them from time to time.

And, yeah, the over the top superhero level action in this world for me. It’s not Hero, which I find has some of the most beautifully shot action scenes and choreography I’ve seen, but it was a solid film.


Okay, I have a question for you guys. In what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



Strange, I don’t remember the end of It Follows being quite so cheerful… Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it and I’m desperately scanning my brain for British or Scandivavian movies with Wes Anderson style quirkiness.

I’ll guess Submarine just to keep things moving.


I don’t know what it is, but that is a great shot and I want to see it. For some reason, it makes me think of Charlie Wilson’s War.


No correct guesses so far. Therefore, I ask you this: in what movie will you see this at the 40:40 mark?



A Cure For Wellness?


28 Weeks Later?


Worthy guesses, but so far none of them are correct!



Species… uh… 2? Really wild guess here.


Pandemic: The Movie?

All I can think is that the caps on those vials would make for some killer ASMR:


I thought that too, in fact I went through any “infection” type movie I could think of and couldn’t recall a swimming pool in any of them. I don’t watch that type very often though.