It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


I haven’t, but I know it had a lot of Seahawks mentions/gear. There were an article about it on the Seahawks official site.

I guess she was a producer or something. She’s from Seattle, along with her ex, Chris “I’m marrying a Schwarzenegger” Pratt.

I liked a lot of her early work, like Scary Movie.

I think we attended UW together. Along with Joel McHale.


You recognized dude’s T-shirt? Jocks, man. I don’t get you people.

But thanks for leaving me twisting in the wind as the only guy in the thread dumb enough to watch Overboard. I thought you had my back on that one.



Matt Hasselback isn’t exactly an obscure player reference, and the Seahawks have a very distinct shade of green.


Yeah, I guess Baywatch was pretty popular back in the day.



Look, I’m going to ruin a color for you, forever. And from here on you will always instantly recognize the following color and the sportsball team it corresponds with.

I call it: warcrime neon green

Now even the slightest hint of that color and you will instantly know where it comes from.

Thanks Seattle! Our retinas are now burning :)


So Tom, do you think “Super Bowl” is a 70s game show? Like The Match Game, but with a Bowling for Dollars with celebrity assistance sorta motif?


And away we go



I chuckled. Thanks for that!


Sadly, I too saw it. I’ll put 100% of the blame on my girlfriend to choose it for streaming movie night, but 100% of the blame on me for sitting through all of it. I would extend your critique to say that the movie was a waste for most every actor/actress combined. It also had this strange feeling of being a targeted Hispanic audience movie, where every actor is forced to speak English. It was just … strange.






Den of Thieves?




Poor Gerard Butler doesn’t even get his own frame!



I recall that was something I saw!

The new 20:20


First Blood?




Leave No Trace! A scene in which a trace was indeed left.


“It should cook a mushroom.”


Got it!


That dog was a jerk. Why couldn’t he just leave Ben Foster and Thomasin Harcourt Mckenzie be?

Looking forward to the rest of the frames. The movie had a great Pacific Northwest aesthetic. In the meantime, I’m off to find some of my own frames.