It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!







Aww, the 40:40 almost got the crazy dancing ladies!

Okay, in what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



Gotta be Cam.


Gonna watch Cam today. @malkav11 says it doesn’t totally suck. Also: bewbs.


I would have liked to have tricked everyone and instead posted stills from King Kelly, but no such luck. It is indeed Cam.

The 40:40 of someone opening her wallet really quickly to get out her credit card number.

The 60:60 of the most sympathetic male character in the movie, who also happens to be one of two male characters.

The 80:80 is a money shot, of sorts. Spoilered not for prurient reasons, but because it’s arguably a bit of a spoiler for the finale. A cool shot, but also a bit of a spoiler.

Over to fellow Cam fan (?) @Soren_Hoglund.



Objection: there are at least three male characters. You’re forgetting her brother. (Also his jackass friends, but they barely count.)


Ah, right! Good catch. He was a relatively nice young fella.

I really liked Melora Walters as the mom. Unfortunately, since she’s aging like a normal person and not some unnaturally ageless celebrity who probably has to bathe in the blood of babies to continue looking so young, she gets parts like haggard mom in Cam and crazy street lady in Venom.



You can put med down as pro-Cam. Apparently Isa Mazzei is a former camgirl, which explains its verisimilitude.

Anyway, in which movie will you see this at the 20:20 mark?


No takers? I guess it’s time to give the game away with the 40:40:


Resident Evil?


Resident Evil: Apocalypse?


Ah, Jill Valentine in the classic costume. Must be Apocalypse indeed.


@Woolen_Horde has it’s Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

I watched it because RE2, and man these movies are terrible, in a weirdly bland, inoffensive way .




And yet, we watch them. What is it about women playing bad-asses that draws us all? :)



Damned if I know.



Speaking of women!



Man, that was grade-A fitness level (and costumes) for her. I don’t know what happened between her and Ben Affleck, but surely, that’s his loss.




7 Days in Entebbe was the movie that really brought me around on Rosamund Pike. She was excellent in that!