It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


Tom’s Rosamund Pike crush pays off!

60:60 Enter the Winter Soldier

80:80 Tom’s crush

100:100 The movie is framed by a Sprockets-like dance performance!


That’s Zemo.

“Longing. Rusted. Seventeen. Daybreak. Furnace. Nine. Benign. Homecoming. One. Freight car.”


Oh god, I forgot about the dance scenes. I was so impressed with Rosamund Pike that I didn’t mind not caring so much for the rest of the movie. As a procedural, it was a bit of a disappointment – I prefer a recent movie called 6 Days about Iraqi nationalists seizing a London embassy – but I really liked how it focused on the hapless Baader-Meinhoff members losing control as larger-than-life characters like Idi Amin and the ruthless Palestinian leader showed up. Really, Pike and Daniel Bruhl saved the movie for how the script played to their strengths.

Rosamund Pike is also great with Jon Hamm in Beirut. And I really want to see her as a war correspondent with an eyepatch in A Private War. Imagine, Rosamund Pike wearing an unironic eye patch! I guess I should rewatch Gone Girl, huh?

Did you like 7 Days, Woolen?



Whatever nerd.



Her work in Jack Reacher’s top notch, too!


Hey now!


In what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



In what movie will you see this at the 40:40 mark?



Let Me In?


Oof, is that how little you think of me? Fortunately for everyone involved, it is not Let Me In.



Seemed like a good, troll-y possibility.


Embrace of the Vampire?


Pardon me for a moment while I savor the memories.
Okay, I’m back. No, it is not Embrace of the Vampire.



I just hoped it was for the same reasons you entered your fugue state. I wanted it to be Embrace of the Vampire…


There was a cheap-ass remake of that a few years ago, and it was the equivalent of this.


Confession: When I’m sure I haven’t seen the film in question and I know I’m not going to guess, I like to do a Google search of the screen shots just to see if it produces a funny result. Most of the time, it’s something dull like “Darkness,” but this one was gold:


After movies are guessed that I have not seen I like to look up the ones that appeal to be based on the limited frames, especially so if they have great use of color palette, color tone or set design.

And I have no idea why. I’m neither artistic nor great with design, but seeing a movie that presents those really well intrigues me.

It’s actually a shame that we don’t have something similar to an audio frame game, since score and sound effects also are something that really drives me to a movie.


In what movie will you see this at the 60:60?



In what movie will you see this at the 80:80?



Cocoon 2