It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


I have waited 52 years to be able to do that.

Oh my. Uh. Hmm. I got nothing.



All right, it’s not looking good for me. Here’s the 6060. If this doesn’t do it nothing will. And for the record I was being sarcastic about Anya Taylor-Joy being in this on account of Tom invoking The Witch.


Well, it’s not The Beguiled, but I’ll guess that anyway since I feel bad for @crispywebb for picking what looks like some sort of half-assed Merchant/Ivory production no one saw.

So…The Beguiled?



If crispywebb did the Beguiled remake and the original hasn’t been done yet, then I’m really disappointed in him and the entire forum. Sad face.


Saved by @charmtrap





Why would I watch a Clint Eastwood movie when there’s a perfectly cromulent Colin Farrell alternative? ;)

I’ll put up the final frame in a bit and have a new 2020 ready for tomorrow.


One last hurrah. The 8080:


Oh that’s definitely The Master.


I lose. And so does everyone that didn’t see Lady Macbeth. Seeing as Florence Pugh has a new Dwayne Johnson-produced movie coming out soon I thought I’d post the thing I know her from. My ninth favorite movie of 2017.

Here’s a new selection that someone will get eventually, if not from the 2020:


That is a frame from The Lampshade Between Us.

OooOOOooOOooooh, she’s great in Little Drummer Girl. So I guess now I have to watch some boring-ass Shakespeare adaptation and then go see a dumb wrestling movie. At least it’s directed by Tooth Fairy star Stephen Merchant.



That’s totally Olivia Cooke’s cute little shnoz! Maybe. So I’ll definitely guess Thoroughbreds.


I think we all know what @abidingdude’s vanity plate looks like:

Million to one shot, Dude. Million to one. It is Thoroughbreds. I finally made it to the end credits of RDR2 a few days ago. What a fantastic game. Got myself a new thoroughbred. If it was male I was gonna name it Anton, but it wasn’t so I went with Joy. But enough horsin’ around, here’s the screens:



8080 (spoiler):

Now let’s see if we can sniff out what @abidingdude has to offer.



I love that 80:80 C Dub.


That was quite a wild-ass guess but one no doubt inspired by that sweet, buttony proboscis. Now, it is my pleasure to present to all of you your new 20:

Edit: Removed film title and cast from file name 🤪


Is that the new film that Paul Dano directed and starred in recently? Can’t remember the title though.


It is not Wildlife (although that is definitely on my watchlist).


These frames are not looking good for me. Maybe one of the forum cinema-savants will save me from a loss. The forty 👉


I’m loving these 40:40s recently. Is that bad?


That is, of course, The Quiet Ones, which I watched after developing a fondness for Olivia Cooke from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, and a renewed appreciation for the awesome Jared Harris in the AMC series, The Terror.

I thought it was a pretty unremarkable movie, but I’ll always remember it as the movie where I learned that Olivia Cooke is a dirty lying faker who’s not American at all! Also, the blonde chick was unreasonably hot. Not cool, movie. Not cool.



Argh, Jared Harris was the name I was trying to come up with.


Mr. Chick is the winner! I agree that it’s not a great movie but it is the first time I became acquainted with the lovely Ms. Cooke.



Bonus Olivia Cooke frame! Just look at that adorable nose!