It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


The Limehouse Golem?


Bah bing! It is the Limehouse Golem, an excellent Jack The Ripper-style gothic parody from last year.

Well done, @Skipper! No more frames, your go.


Dude, I almost did not get that due to no screens with Bill Nighy! It’s amazing that he wasn’t in one. At any rate, cool movie with an awesome reveal, the sets and cinematography were awesome.

A new 20 up in a bit.


New 20:


Errm, the Favourite?


Indeed it is. I was hoping if someone had not seen it, maybe they at least watched the Oscar’s last night.

The sets were fantastic.

The 40:

The 60:

The 80:

The 100:

Good job @Gordon_Cameron, what did you think of it?


The production design was gorgeous. My understanding, though, was that it was mostly shot on location at the fabulously lavish Hatfield House, also used in The Crown. I’d love to visit someday.


I confess I haven’t seen it. The 20:20 resembled all the posters and billboards and it looked like that was Rachel Weisz, so I hazarded a guess.

I’m curious to see it, but I don’t get out to the movies anymore, so will have to wait till it comes to the Tubes.

New 20:


Welp. That’s Marcello Mastroianni, so it’s likely 8 1/2.









It’s on several of the streaming platforms if you’re interested, though for a fee.


Wow, I’ve never heard of it, but every single one of those frames are great.


It is IMO on the very short list of candidates for Best Movie Ever. And if you like those frames, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


It’s definitely something else.

Fresh 20 here.


From Russia with love


That is Catherine Deneuve. That is a Luis Bunuel film. That is Belle de Jour.

That is all.


How can you not have heard of 8 1/2? I don’t even like long black-and-white movies with subtitles, but I’ll make an exception for 8 1/2.

Alternatively, you can just watch Stardust Memories, which is kind of the Cliff Notes Americanized version of 8 1/2. It is to 8 1/2 what Scary Movie is to Scream, except not as good.



“That is some bad hat, Catherine.”



Yes, indeed, that is the ravishing Ms. Deneuve, and it is a Bunuel film, and it is Belle De Jour. Though From Russia With Love was a perfectly reasonable guess, given the hat.

I figured since we’re doing dreamy Euro art movies today, Belle De Jour should make an appearance at some point. One of my favorites.




Your move, @Navaronegun!


The Twenty:

Some repulsive imagery but it is safe for work.