It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


The Forty:


The Sound of Silence.

Welp, here’s the Sixty:


Did they ever make a movie of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch?


I’ll take it. It’s yours, @Gordon_Cameron

The Eighty:

Indeed they did and this is it.

Tom Courtenay (in the Forty), Alfred Burke, among many other fine actors. Finnish Director, Filmed in Norway, Joint Norweigan-British Production. Banned in the East and Finland.


I mean, it’s no Treasure of the Four Crowns.


Similar resolution.


Well, how could it be? I mean, Treasure was based off a Pulitzer Prize winning work, and the Screenwriter was William Faulkner (pseudonymed as Lloyd Battista) and directed by David Lean. So how could Denisovich even compete, just being based off of a Solzhenitsyn work specifically mentioned when he won his Nobel prize?


Ok, here’s a softball:


W? Twas a softball.


No, Vice! Christian Bale is such a method actor that he transformed himself into Richard Dreyfuss by sheer force of will!





All yours!


This made me spit coffee. Christian Bale, Shapeshifter.


For your consideration, the new Twenty:


Eight Men Out?


The Harold Lloyd Story? ;)




The House of Old Timey Hats?




Also I think it’s been done.

Safety Last, Tibbs…


Is John Rhys-Davies in that too?


And now, the Forty:


Hmmmm, Silence abounds.

Here is the Sixty:


Matewan? I haven’t seen it, but after Eight Men Out was mentioned…