It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!



Also, it has been done already.


Movies that transition between color and black-and-white…

It’s not Wizard of Oz, and it’s not Pleasantville.

Color me stumped!


Huh. Is it the Bill Murray Razor’s Edge?


Bonnie & Clyde?


IncorreCatherineHicks! Though there are two degrees of separation between Murray and this film.


Also, I think that’s been done.


I thought that was Back to School!


Whoever did write this doesn’t know the first thing about Kurt Vonnegut.


If I could get a couple more guesses I wouldn’t feel guilty (or have Tom make me feel guilty) about posting the next clue.


Since none of those shots features Jimmy Stewart i’ll guess Shenandoah anyway.



One more guess and I am guilt-free.


I’ll guess The FBI Story anyway. Worth a shot, right?



Guilt assuaged, though.


The Eighty:


We’re gonna need more gangster movie guesses here. Everything about these screams it.


The 1970s Dillinger starring Warren Oates?


Indeed. John Milius’ directorial debut (1973).

The One Hundred:

Melvin Purvis (Ben Johnson) outside the Biograph Theater.

There are two separate two degrees of separation between this film and Bill Murray.

Warren Oates is in this film. Warren Oates and Bill Murray are in Stripes.

Richard Dreyfus is in this film (he’s driving the car as Baby Face Nelson in the Eighty). Richard Dreyfus and Bill Murray are in What About Bob?

"They won’t ever get me. I may not live forever, but I’d be a damn fool not to try, @Jason_Levine! "


I’ll get something up tonight. Endured long airport delays yesterday and didn’t get home until late night.


This one should be easy.




Stanley Baker is a hunk of a man.


I didn’t realize Morrissey starred in a movie.