It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


Well, 3/4 correctly, but that’s impressive for Tom!


I … I think he did. This is truly the end times we are in. Dogs and cats, living together … mass hysteria.


I watched The Rapture and … ! it holds up, for what it is – a movie you really cannot predict where it will go, once it gets going --a movie that takes faith/belief/religion seriously, in the sense of not dismissively as blatantly anti-rational or even ignorant --a movie that includes prolicide (at child’s request, basically) and two failed suicide attempts, never mind the actual rapture - it’s in the title! --a movie that gets away with this rarely seen move, at just about the half-way mark:

The screenplay is not up to the calibre of The Player (as best as I can recall) but lots of interesting things going on - worth checking out…


How is that a sports metaphor? Do a lot of sportsters eat bunt cake or something?



I see you have spelling issues.


Here is the new 20:20:


The Salvation?


It is not The Salvation.


3:10 to Yuma?


Perhaps The Sisters Brothers? (Not seen it, but aware of it as I loved the novel.)


@matttutor you have the correct answer. It is The Sisters Brothers. I’m not home at the moment so I will post the other frames a bit later.


Yeah me!

Let’s keep it going!

A new 20 emerges:




I never saw it and you beat me to it. Red Red Red.


Ha ha! Exactly @anonymgeist . Well done. Guessed before I even finished pulling the frames!

The 40 (that shouldn’t go in your mouth)

The 60

The 80 (our hero appears!)

The 100


The Sisters Brothers frames:






Okay, the less-than-helpful 20:20


Terminator: Genisys (or however it’s spelled. The one with Emilia Clarke in it.)


It is not Terminator: Genisys.


Hmm, is the shot tracking that bird? Or is it panning up out of a scene or panning down into a scene? In which case, a second earlier or later and we might have seen something relevant!

Still, I’ll give it a guess. Is it Premium Rush?