It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


Sorry about the hold-up.

New 20


Well clearly that’s Demi Moore and time-travelin’ Jason Bateman.

Indecent Proposal?




Point of No Return?






The Gift?


The Gift it is…a nice, above-average thriller with some decent turns in the end. Joel Edgerton gives a nice subtly creepy performance.




Your go, @anonymgeist!


Wow, it actually was Jason Bateman after all!



I haven’t actually seen it (though I’ll have to correct that now that I realize Rebecca Hall is in it), but I clearly remember the driveway in the 40:40 from the trailer.

I’ll have a new frame up after work.






It looks like it could be a mental hospital, and looks like it was shot on something cheap, so I’m going to guess at Unsane.







I keep meaning to see that, but I’m told it’s a bit harrowing.


It sounds like something I would have seen based on the name, but those screens didn’t trigger any recollections of it.


The new 20:20

Apologies for not getting it up sooner, in return it’ll probably be over pretty quickly*.

*as I usually tell my dates.


Apostle, right?



It’s Apostle!

The 40:40 has some more grizzled, bearded men:

The 60:60 is blurrily navigating some dark tunnels:

The 80:80 does not bode well for anyone framed loomingly over the shoulder:

The 100:100 showcases some more grizzled Michael Sheen:

And the 120:120 finally reveals Dan Stevens, unflattering as the shot may be:

Over to you Mr Chick.