It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


Still no more guesses and we’re down to the last frame. No matter. This isn’t really an obscure movie and the 80 should save me from a loss:



Throw Momma From the Train?


Throw Momma From the Train is correct! Danny DeVito’'s not-dark-enough comedy. It could have used a lot more nastiness than it delivers. A typical episode of “It’s Always Sunny” is nastier.

Over to you, Gordon!




Sorry, will have one in a few hours…



Oh crap, I forgot to find a DVD before coming to work.

Ah fuggit, let me rustle up something from The Netflix, I suppose…


Ok here’s the new one. And I didn’t actually get it on Netflix, as it turns out.


A Most Violent Year.

(I got the title screwed up in my head)


Haha, I was agonizing whether to give it to you.

I would like to see a mashup between this movie and The Most Dangerous Game, but anyway…







I really liked that film. It’s like a Lumet film with a kind of 2010’s perspective. Isaac and Chastain together–how can you lose?


J.C. Chandor is great, although my favorite of his films overall is still Margin Call.

The Lumet comparison is a good one.







Vanishing Point?


Nope, and Nope!


Two-Lane Blacktop?




Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me?