It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


Thanks again to Best of the Worst for this victory:

New 2020:




Not Insomnia.


That first frame was a tough one. Maybe the 4040 will grab your attention:


Um, Crazy Stupid Love?


I’ll go with Two Girls and a Guy


No and no.


This looks like that Gaspar Noe film with the two untrained actors who have unsimulated sex. Haven’t seen it, but the lighting looks like the trailers. Can’t remember the title, but I think it’s a single word. Or maybe it’s not that film.


Correct! It is That Gaspar Noe Film With the Two Untrained Actors Who Have Unsimulated Sex. I believe in the original French they just call it Love. @Gordon_Cameron guessed two too many words. This is straight-forward Love.





I liked it much more than I expected to. The sex scenes are some of the least interesting things about the movie. During one such scene I may have even checked my phone while I waited for them to get it over with. I can’t say it’s a smart movie, but it did get to me emotionally.

Over to you, @Matt_W


Ha ha, you saw Love.

I guess I kinda liked it as well. It felt like a movie Bertolucci wishes he had made. Although the poor women in the movie pretty much sank without a trace, the dude has actually gotten a solid career underway. Turns out you can swing your wang around and still have a serious career!



I only ever saw The Dreamers by Bertolucci and I remember not liking it. I really like Glusman. He was in two of my 2016 top ten movies: Nocturnal Animals and Neon Demon. He plays an unlikable character in Love. I wonder if Noe knows that.


I can’t believe I won with that guess. I thought it might be called Love, but there’s a Netflix series called Love that I thought I was confusing it with.

Here’s a new 2020:


The lovely Melora Walters in Butterfly Effect!



Yes, it is indeed The Butterfly Effect, i.e. the only move ever that was immeasurably improved by its Director’s Cut (which–I believe–these shots did not come from.) A surprisingly dark horror film with a luminous Amy Smart, an awesome Ethan Suplee, an Asthon Kutcher-y Ashton Kutcher, and Eric Stoltz as a creepy pedophile.





Take it away @tomchick!


I should totally check out Butterfly Effect again. I haven’t seen it since it came out, and I recall liking it even then, before it got a director’s cut. There’s also an Ashton Kutcher movie called Personal Effects in which he plays a wrestler who hooks up with Michelle Pfeiffer! It’s really movie-of-the-week, but I liked Kutcher in it.

Okay, onward! In what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



Ooh, I know this one. It’s Attack of the Killer Washing Machines. They’re about to put that poor kid on the bicycle through the gruesome rinse cycle.


I believe there’s a Stephen King short story (and terrible movie, of course) about that very thing!

In what movie will you see this at the 40:40?




The aspect ratio shift is odd.


Josh Duplass was in a movie?

edit: Jay, rather.


I just saw Jay in The Oath, which I watched because of Tom’s recommendation. I thought it was ok. I really like Ike Barinholtz, but I wish the concept had been executed by an experienced filmmaker. I definitely agree that it is what the Purge movies should be.

These frames are not The Oath though. I’m guessing it’s called Not Another Appliance Movie.