It's the 20:20 Movie Frame Game of 2019!


Because I’m going to be out of town, I uploaded the screenshots to Imgur. It’s their fault and NOT something that happens in the actual movie! I think the last movie I saw where the aspect ratio shifted mid-movie was Nancy, with Andrea Riseborough and J. Smith-Cameron. It starts out super-boxy, but at a turning point, it goes to a more traditional widescreen. It Comes at Night also had a few subtle aspect ratio shifts to suggest dreamstates.

No correct guesses so far.

That’s definitely true. Imagine The Oath done by, say, Boots Riley or Armando Iannucci, both of whom did far superior satires in 2018. But I thought those scenes with Billy Magnusson were effectively infuriating.



Jay is also in Prospect, but I have seen Prospect, and this is not Prospect.


It’s the one where Jay Duplass and Edie Falco get it on…pretty sure it’s called Outside In.



The 60:60 of not-Mark:


The unhelpful 80:80 and not just because it’s the back of someone’s head; it’s someone disguised by a wig!


Fortunately, Edie Falco shows up in the 100:100:


It’s Lynn Shelton’s latest movie. I mostly like it except for the lesser Duplass. He’s kind of, well, whiny and weaselly and like a weird imp where the sympathetic protagonist should be. Edie Falco is all kinds of awesome, a perfect Lynn Shelton heroine, radiant, expressive. She does something that I usually find annoying when most actors try it: playing an adult experiencing a kid-like sense of wonderment. I haven’t seen her in a lot of stuff since Oz, so I’m guessing this is a different kind of role from what she usually does these days.

Also really cool to see Kaitlyn Dever where Chloe Moretz Grace used to be (Moretz Grace was in Lynn Shelton’s last movie). I used to find Ben Schwartz merely annoying, but he really grew on me in this and a godawful crime thriller called Blue Iguana where he plays his usual nattering comedic sidekick tagging along behind Sam Rockwell. It’s nice to see him play a character who feels a real sense of connection to someone instead of just playing a joke-delivery device. He’s not even really a joke delivery device in Outside In.

So, yeah, Outside In, not the best Lynn Shelton (Your Sister’s Sister or Hump Day), but certainly not the worst (Touchy Feely). Thanks for stepping up, @charmtrap. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to wash out with this one.



What happened!!!?

Sorry, I fell asleep when I saw Jay Duplass earlier today…


I should have been so lucky!

He’s not actually that awful. He just didn’t work for me in Outside In.



Yes, Humpday is much better than this, but Edie Falco is (as usual) excellent.

New 20


But I’m a Cheerleader, but boring?


You seem easily bored today, Mr. Gun.

(not But I’m a Cheerleader)


This is the case…


Jeebus, you watched The Miseducation of Cameron Post? What next, Brain on Fire?



Like I said, But I’m a Cheerleader but sleep-inducing.


Huh, maybe! Couldn’t say for sure since I’ve never even heard of Brain on Fire.

And I really liked Miseducation of CP. It’s no Eighth Grade, maybe, but it would make my Top 15 at least. While Ms. Moretz is still a bit emotionally inert as an actress for me, the rest of the cast is uniformly excellent. It was their stories that were the heart of the movie for me.




Your go again, @tomchick!


Netflix dross. Chloe Moretz Grace’s version of A Woman Under the Influence. Except as a comedy. Inadvertent comedy, but still comedy.

I’m off to grab some frames!



In what movie will you see this at the 20:20?



In what movie will you see this at the 40:40?



Drive Hard?


I love that you know what that is! But, no, it’s not Drive Hard, a.k.a. one of John Cusack’s latest puzzling career choices.




John Cusack is well into the “as long as the check clears” phase of his career.

I’ve actually never seen Drive Hard, but The Flop House guys were fairly high on it at the time.


What the hell happened to him…