It's the Goverator! Exit Polls Say Arnie's The One!

Good or bad? Say so!

Amusing. The legislature will probably just stiff arm him until the next election.

Should be fun to watch him fall on his face…

Since I don’t live in California anymore, that is. :-)

Yea, I hope he falls on his face. I mean, since California has done so well with Democratic leadership.


Not sure what this has to do with the fact that Arnold is an imbecile.

My wife says, “Hasta la vista, Grayby!”

You can read the results as they come in at

I wonder how long it will take before they start recalling him.

Does the recall procedure apply to governors elected in special elections?

My God…it’s full of idiots!

Someone send me the info on that libertarian New Hampshire thing again. I can’t take it anymore. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER IS THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF MY STATE GOVERNMENT. It’s like a screwball comedy, but with my financial well-being on the line.

Not if the Republicans have anything they can do about it.

This will hurt Bush. It will make it easier for the Democrats spin Bush as a President who has lost touch with the needs of the American people like Davis has with the people of CA.

I hope that a recall effort for Arnold doesn’t get put together.

  1. We really don’t need elections every 6 months. There are problems in California that need some attention, after all.

  2. Democrats need to focus on beating Bush.

Only in America…

Like the Democrats have that kind of money to throw around. And all that “recalls hurt everyone” rhetoric will sound pretty hypocritical if they start up their own recall.

Man this makes me sad :/ I want Arnold to make Terminator 4 dammit.

This is fucking fantastic.

There’s already a Democratic recall effort underway, they reported this morning. Which is nuts – not even giving the guy a day in office is even more damning evidence that the recalls aren’t about performance, but about being sore losers. Despite the idiocy of electing Arnold governor, he did win fair and square.

Mississippi and Utah have to be quite pleased this morning – California has clearly taken the title of “most screwed-up state,” and it was the people’s choice.

Man. I’m just glad that Arnold can’t be elected POTUS.

California, it seems, does have a great sense of humor. (Or millions of idiots. You decide.)

I’m more interested in seeing whether the Democratic leadership is intelligent enough to try to extract any lessons from this whole fiasco. The easy thing is to put on the blinders and blather like McCauliff (sp), but a significant number of Democrats voted for the recall, a lot of Democrats stayed home (apparently), the special interest votes didn’t swing as hard as they have taken for granted, and between Ahnold and McClintock there were a LOT of votes they probably weren’t happy to see. A smart Dem leadership wouldn’t be trying to rationalize all of this - sometimes you get your best lessons from a major defeat.

The Republicans sure did. After losing twice to Clinton, they swiped his playbook. Yeah, “Compassionate Conservatism” is utterly hollow, but it’s perfect Clintonian triangulation.