It's the Payday 2 way or the highway

Title It's the Payday 2 way or the highway
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When August 26, 2013

As much as I like Payday 2 -- What else is any serious Payday fan going to say about this sequel? -- it's nearly criminal how badly developer Overkill has mismanaged the overall experience. I just want to play Payday 2 the way I want to play Payday 2..

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I guess you haven't had any problems connecting to other players Tom?
Connecting to games with my friends is so unreliable on the PC that I am hesitant to recommend the first game to take me away from LoL since I started in january 2011.

Playing with a crew of 4 people that I know mitigates some of the interface. Having 4 people looking for missions means we can get the fast missions when we are looking to get upgrades or wait for one of the multiday pro jobs when we want a payday. So in what is the perfect situation it does create some variety in a nights play and create a cool atmosphere around accepting jobs.

Blacklist needs some love! Fantastic game. And a refreshingly original experience.

I had some fun with the original Payday but the glacial pace of unlocks eventually turned me off. I want to tool around heists with all the toys, not grind the same mission over and over until my guy remembers to bring a couple extra plastic zip ties.

Aside from the stage selection, I really enjoy the game. Glad to see you did too. You should get it for PS3, we'll rob a jewelery store together.

Here's what you want to do if you want to earn money/xp:

Select the "Rats" mission. On the first day, grab all the meth ingredients as quickly as possible. When you get the cooking instructions, intentionally do it wrong and blow up the meth lab. This triggers the escape.

You can do the second day differently depending upon your teammates. If you have shaped c4 charges available, then go in quietly and blow the first safe you can find, hoping for the information you're looking for. Or you can just go loud and let them burn the info (finding the burning information triggers the escape).

The third day is simply walking in a straight line, guns blazing, to kill all of the dudes on a bus. You can try to grab the money they've got stashed, but there's c4 under the cash and if you can't disarm it, it will blow up the bus, so it's a risk.

All told, a Rats run will take about 20 minutes and will yield between $100,000 and $350,000 spending money. And up to about level 40 it will tend to net you between 1 and 3 levels. Because most of what you're doing doesn't really involve waiting around for cops, you can play it on the highest difficulty level without too much trouble, as well.

I think you'll find that this relieves most of the annoying grind aspects, and lets you kit out a build.

if you get the money off the bus you can break 1 000 000.

"The best laid plans of mice and men aft gang one more mission."

Gah, it is wrong. It's a variation on "the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley", and I flubbed it! Cheers.

If Computer Gaming World were still around, I would've loved to have seen a Tom Vs. Bruce article on this game. I know that the multiplayer of Payday 2 isn't competitive like a game normally featured in a Tom Vs. Bruce, but I still think the potential for amusement is there.

On another note, I just realized this website existed and as someone who had read and always looked forward to CGW every month and read every issue until to its final days as Games For Windows magazine, I couldn't be happier that this website is up. Call me crazy, but I believe every issue mentioned that you run this website? I never checked it out 'till now, obviously. Anyway, keep up the excellent work as always, Tom! Been a fan as a little kid, still a fan as a grown-up. I couldn't be happier you're still as active as ever.

After a quick Google search, I find out that Tom Vs. Bruce is still active. Truly, my prayers have been answered by...whatever diety you choose.

I think part of the interesting aspect of the RNG-based upgrades is that it forces you to adjust your playstyle to the equipment you have on-hand, kinda like real life. You might not always be able to find that suppressor for your SMG, so you might have to forego that weapon, or just go in guns blazing instead.

Eventually, you will end up with all the upgrades you want for the weapon you want, but until then you get to improvise... and who knows? you might just end up finding a new favourite style