It's time for a gay action hero

If Hollywood really wants to show how enlightened they are, let’s have a gay franchisable multi-sequel action hero to stand alongside Indiana Jones, James Bond, John McClane, and errr that XXX guy.

He doesn’t need to be flaming or flamboyant or anything. Just gay. He kicks butt the usual way, kills Commie-Nazis or terrorists or space aliens or bank robbers, except at the end of the day a beautiful young man flies into his arms. And he has to be played by a AAA +++ top of the line star. Cruise, or Crowe, or Farrell, or I dunno, some guy in that general ballpark.

The time has come. You can do it Hollywood!

um no.

I agree it’d be nice, but I doubt a gay action hero would be able to net a multi-sequel deal, regardless of how top of the line they are.

Lipstick lesbian action hero would probably do well at the box office, though.

Wasn’t Batman & Robin a gay action movie?

Just watch MI-2.

Tom Cruise, Vin Diesel and of course, Gandalf.

[lame gay joke]

How about a superhero team, “Rear Guard?”

[/lame gay joke]

I’d recommend this as a plot treatment.

Does this count?

The 80’s Action Guide makes it clear that this has already been done. See especially Commando, which featured a gay single father as a positive role model.

Damn You! That was exactly what I was going to say. Ruthless Reviews FTW.

Though it doesn’t fall under the category of multisequelised action film, Way of the Gun’s central characters were (arguably) homosexual, as well as being hard bastards, and played by A-list actors Benicio del Toro and Ryan Phillippe. It was good to see gays being represented in a way in which their sexuality was not central or even obvious - which seems to me a far more important act of acceptance than archly constructing an action movie star around his sexuality.

And following up on the Jeph Loeb derailment presently going on in the Ultimate Avengers thread, IMDB says this movie was written by… Jeph Loeb.

Farrel? As in Will Farrel? I hope not, I wouldn’t consider him a B actor let alone AAA +++


It would be nice but if they do, he can’t be flamboyant. A lesbo hero would just to much into the mainstream man’s fantasy, it would be anything but risky and enlightened. Even chick (strait) heroes are somewhat cliche because all the depth they ever have is looking good in leather, kicking ass, and shooting the hell out of stuff. While you may say that is standard fair for a hero, it is for a ‘normal’ hero. It is not for a gay male hero. You would just be wating for him to say something stupid like “Oh, you look FAAAAABULOUS!!!” or “Hi Girlfriend”.

I do not think it is in Hollywood’s ability to make a good gay action hero without slipping into sterotypes. Even then it would proabbly be ‘meh’ as far as action hero moves go. Brokeback mountain was absolutly nothing speical. It was not an epic love story worthy of an academy award. It was nothing. The only angle it had was gay cowboys. Had it been about a hetro relationship it would not have even been made into a movie, let alone got recognition of any kind.

How about a lesbian action hero? Hmm, let me think… Halle Berry and her lover Angelina… ooooooh!!!

Somehow I get the feeling that a person who thinks Will Farrel is the only Farrel in acting doesn’t have the qualifications to pronounce Brokeback Mountain as “nothing.”

You do realize the truncated version of this thread from the main forum page reads “It’s time for gay action”.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I thought all Japanese male wispy-haired-big-eyed heroes were supposed to be gay. No?


Why would knowing an actors name have any kind of meaning in that reguard? Do you know the name of everyone who cooks your food? By your logic, you can never critisize or praise any food you eat unless you know who made it.