It's time for a Paramount+ thread

Well, CBS All Access is going away, and in its place will be the new Paramount+. Basically they’re adding more content to CBS All Access.

I’ve been surprised at how much I ended up watching CBS All Access. I can definitely recommend the following shows:

Twilight Zone Season 1 and 2
Star Trek: Discovery Seasons 1, 2, 3
Star Trek: Short Treks
Star Trek: Lower Decks
The Stand

Going into older content:
Avatar: The Last Airbender Seasons 1, 2, 3
Legend of Korra, Season 1
Beauty & The Beast - I enjoyed this Linda Hamilton show in the 80s, no idea if it holds up though! George RR Martin was one of the writers, I believe.

I also noticed that a lot of shows from other Paramount networks have already been added to CBS All Access lately, like the latest Daily Shows.

Lots of new shows are coming once they make the transition to Paramount+, but hey, let’s save that for when they show up.

Anything else I missed that you would recommend from their catalogue? I’ve heard The Good Fight is good.

And Halo too!

It’s crazy to me that they are developing 50+ shows that they’ve just announced for Paramount Plus. I guess everyone’s figured out that the Netflix model is the model you need. You need original content.

Oh yeah, and the new Mission Impossible movie and the new Quiet Place will come to Paramount+ too, 45 days after they hit the theater.

This is the Great Age of Backlogs. We have game backlogs. We have ebook backlogs. Now we have TV and movie backlogs. I guess we have music backlogs too.

I feel like with Prime, Netflix, and HBO I only watch a fraction of the content I’d probably enjoy. I don’t have Peacock, Paramount +, Hulu, Disney +, Shudder, and I’m sure quite a few more I can’t even think of. I can’t even imagine trying to keep up. I don’t have the energy or attention span.

Boo! They should be following the HBOMax model.

Yes, it is enjoyable, especially if you watched The Good Wife on network.

Only thing I don’t like is the occasional musical short.

For soccer fans, they’ve just announced the rights to some major US centric events…

The CBS All Access app on my phone got an update today, and is now called Paramount Plus. That’s it. No other difference.

This is very disappointing. I loved the CBS All Access apps when they only had 5 things I was interested in (Star Trek shows, Late Show, Twilight Zone, Avatar/Korra, Survivor/Amazing Race). But now that there’s so much more content and shows from Comedy Central, VH1 (Behind the music!) and Paramount movies I want to check out, it’s really disappointing that they didn’t update the app to have modern conveniences like a watchlist.

We used to subscribe/unsubscribe to CBS AA depending on what was showing. Now it seems as though we need to add yet another pay-to-play service to our list. :(

Glad to know the release-fuckery of this series remains a constants across time (all seasons are apparently on Netflix though).

Sorry, to clarify, the reason I can recommend Season 1 is because that’s the one I’ve seen. The other seasons are on Paramount+ as well, but I can’t recommend them personally yet because I haven’t seen them yet.

As someone who has seen all the seasons, they’re all good if a bit uneven. My only issue is the seasons have a slight disjointed feeling between each of them; unlike Last Airbender, they weren’t sure they’d get more seasons so each ended in more of a wrap-up manner than the original series did.

For those who signed up for the Sportsline package and got CBS all active, it seems that since the switch I can no longer access my account. They are requiring me to verify through Sportsline, which I can no longer log into and when I try to reset my info, it goes to a broken page.

I signed up with the Sportsline package. I didn’t have any issues yesterday. I’ll try again today when I get home. I just checked the app on my phone though, and there’s no issues there, I was able to continue watching the Daily Show episode I had been watching.

Not sure any of the announced Paramount+ shows will be going into my backlog. They almost all seem to be retreads.

Still working for me as well. And now I’ve got Price is Right on in the background :) The live feed of CBS was a pleasant and unexpected inclusion.

Mine still works. I noticed the login doesn’t work at anymore, but on the new site, it said the same thing as it did when it was CBS All Access:

We were accessing CBS AA content through the Amazon Prime portal. Wonder how that’s gonna work.

It suddenly stopped working for me as well today. Did you ever figure out a way to get it to work again?

EDIT: Oh hey, once I went in through the Sportsline website and went “offers” and tied it to my Paramount+ membership again through that, it works again. Both my phone app and AppleTV app started working again.

Yeah mine is in the hands of Paramount PLus tech support and hasnt even been addressed for a week. I tried reinitializing it through Sportsline and it didnt work.

Update: Its fixed. The problem was on Paramount Plus’s side. When I would try to log in, they were sending me to the wrong SportsLine log in. Apparently there was a new and much less enticing offer currently running through SportsLine and they were tying me to that offer instead of the old one I signed up for. PP never did address the issue though, I ended up calling Sportsline and they figured out the sign in link problem and sent me the correct link.