It's time for an intervention


Seriously though, skimming through you’ve just reproduced the “I’m never posting here again” post that everyone does at some point in their internet lives. It has all the high points, self-importance, deflection, projection, inflection, erection . . . I wrote this same thing about ten years ago. You’ll grow out of it.

In the immortal words of Marvin: Try not to be such a goddamned fruit.



The disturbing thing to me is that kerzain’s recent posting, and the response thereto, has resulted in the gentle touching of at least two other long-time forum members whose posts I have long found amusing.

I’m no yenta, so I won’t mention names. It’s not hard to figure out, though.

Yea I make it apparent that I’m a massive ego maniac under the surface. I self deprecate to offset this, but there’s no hiding the truth, I’ve tried and the task is beyond me.

Although the similarities are there my original post was not intended as any sort of “last post”, but instead it serves more of a “I’m not going anywhere any time soon, can’t we just get along?” type of thing. I’ve seen the goodbye type posts, I’ve made them myself when leaving guilds as an example; but as mellow-dramatic as it all seems I put it up there for the scrutiny of friend and foe alike, hoping that for once I could do the opposite of what I normally do, and try to put a problem to bed for once.

A shame, that.

I’m not sure I agree. Neither of those two blowup/meltdowns were caused by Kerzain, except perhaps indirectly in the case of the poorly conceived poll. BTW, someone else started a VERY similar thread a while back and Tom was pretty damned clear that he didn’t like that sort of thing. I hope Bill comes back, too (and LK), but he should have known he was stepping in it.

Cool. Let’s* turn this into an under the radar yenta-thread because the original topic is so utterly boring that Tom’ll never make it past the initial wall of text and find out.

*let’s not.

I was wondering why it has taken so long to get any attention in the yearly gobbler posts about the state of members in the forum. I think it was my lack of new threads dedicated to talking about myself.

I’ve always been inspired by Unicorn McGriddle’s poll thread a year ago about the best of NoWayJose’s previous ten posts (including the classic “sheesh, man, get a blog or something”), and I’m honored by this meta achievement in failure. One hundred cocktails to you, Bill, and many thanks.

Oh Internet forum e-drama, you never fail to entertain!

I’ve never understood people getting worked up over shit posted on the interweb. I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

In other news: Welcome to our newest member, NarutoAngel221.

Is this like Aeon221?

There are so many great dicussions on QT3 about a wide range of subjects, and I really enjoy reading and posting here. But in the end it’s still a forum of mostly anonymous people who are loosely tied together by a shared love of gaming, so I try not to take anything said here too seriously. In fact, that’s a good rule to live by on the interwebs.

Also, I like pie.

Mmmm… pie.

pie sucks, you’re wrong and also retarded.

Also, Barlogs do TOO have wings

I’ve always found the key is having a dash of this myself, an awareness of it in other people, and a sound grounding in “if you have nothing constructive to say, say nothing”. No point in trying to impress anyone or anything, it’s just a chat with a load of guys and gals you half know who share the odd meme. The only affect Qt3 has on my life is awareness of games to spend money on, a handy font of interesting things I didn’t know about generally, the odd laugh and an easier ride during the slow bits of work.

Also, that OP is super long. Man.

I would argue that forum posters in general are above average as far as reasoning skills, debate and intelligence. There are of course many notable exceptions and counter-examples to this statement but we are generalizing here so that is irrelevant. Thus the second part of your statement is redundant as it logically follows from the first.

Oh what the fuck. Now this has to be a bannable offense.

For all intensive porpoises, I don’t think it is.

I spent a good three or four seconds thinking about this and… holy shit you should see the evony add I’m looking at right now… I swear to god this chick has a lazy eye…yeah, she does. Okay so right the whole book a hotel in anger thing… would you ring them up and just scream “MOTHER FUCKER NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME! I WANT A ROOM AND I WANT A FUCKING ROOM NOW!!” or is there a down called Anger…?

Kerzain, I’m just spitballing here, but perhaps some people have found it annoying that you just hopped into Qt3 in April and started generating, on average, about 10 posts a day. You’ve had 200 posts in just the last 10 days. As some would say here, “Lurk moar.”

I say this as someone who, as a newbie, got sassy with a longtime poster who called Crackdown “inane.” I apologized for that and shut up for a while, and my time here has been reasonably smooth. Perhaps a little newbie humility and a little less HAI GUYS LOOK AT ME would serve you well.