It's time for an intervention

I’m confused; I thought this was the kind of thing that’s supposed to end with something about becoming the Fresh Prince. Maybe the end of the post got cut off?

now this is a mute point if I’ve ever seen one.

There are some entertaining trolls. There are some annoying ones. Most people don’t come here for trolls. If you want your fill of that go to /b/. My guess though is most of the backlash comes from the non-stop posting, no one needs to hear your opinion about every fucking subject.


Good work, my friend…good work.

When you find yourself posting a multi-paragraph explanation/defence of yourself on a forum you’ve only recently joined, it’s best to just shut up for a bit and work out what the hell you’re doing.

Never book a hotel in anger!

Dear lord, if only. </pedant>

I didn’t even notice Bill was gone. For starting that silly poll? Our resident humorless lesbian started a poll very similar to it not too long ago and I don’t remember her getting the boot.

Man, shit is getting too serious around here. I love this place and I get that Tom doesn’t like people speculating about this stuff, but closing the Bananas and Nuts thread seems like a step too far. I don’t like dudes dropping into the Star Trek thread just to laugh at everyone about how little money it’s making, but I don’t report Tom’s posts to the admin. And then this? And we don’t even have a Bananas and Nuts thread to discuss it anymore!

Oh well. Here’s hoping he comes back. Guy livened the place up and not in the ‘who will he explode at next?’ way that LK did.

Multi-paragraph? Multi-page is more like it. I think I’ve written term papers shorter than the original post.

You’re right, but it’s futile. He’s just gonna take resistance as a sign that he needs to explain himself EVEN MORE until we all love him.

It’s not that people think he’s annoying and wish he’d lurk more until he figures out the way social interactions here work, it’s just that we don’t UNDERSTAND HIM and if he just vomits up enough text we’ll all be his bestest buddies.

Yet not everyone posts a huge wall of text about how bad they are.

Again, Tom doesn’t usually ban people for one post. This is probably the fourth or fifth poll like this Bill D has done, and I would bet that he has gotten PM’s from Tom about them before.

I thought it was funny, but obviously the poll is not the type of tone Tom wants here. I’m sure Bill D was aware that we was pushing it, and yeah, hopefully this is just time-out kind of thing. It’s not like the Chickster goes around playing forum cop all of the time. He’s pretty hands-off, and I get the impression that he doesn’t like having to play forum cop at all.

Honestly, I wish you Chicken Littles would stop freaking out and crying fowl about stuff like this like you actually know the whole story.

Jeeeeeeeeeeeesus christ. What an awful, self-indulgent post.

I have to admit, I’m pretty ambivalent to you when you’re not writing massive posts on QT3 that read like something off your livejournal. But then, I don’t want to feel like I’m coddling you. So suck it up, or gtfo, I guess?

The troll’s greatest trick was convincing the forum it wasn’t even a troll.



Considering I was hardly being a ‘Chicken Little’, I can only assume you added this line because you felt this pun was well worth acting like a complete cock.

Good call, man. Chicken puns kill every time.

I thought it was a pretty harmless poll, certainly no worse than BillD’s what’s DeepT’s craziest post poll (I think he had one of those). :( Anyway, I’ll stop being a yenta and hope he comes back. :)

This is always useful for review. The OP of this thread might want to spend some extra time with #59.

You said this yourself, take your own advice!

Back when I joined, you got punch and pie for joining Qt3. Then all you other folks came here and ruined it. PUNCH. AND. PIE.

Truths about the universe