It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread

I mean this is pretty amazing. The only people who will bother to watch a livestreamed GOP convention will be the existing hard core. Or are they assuming the major networks will carry the GOP livestream start to finish?

And the GOP will then get to control exactly what people see.

If it’s live, then they can’t control it. If it’s edited and released afterwards, then I don’t think the networks would broadcast it.

Fox News and Sinclair affiliates will run whatever their masters tell them to run.

They can control it by simply choosing where to point the cameras.

True or not, this is a great way to get Shitgibbon paranoid

“Have you tried turning it off, then turning it back on again?”

“Yes, every day for the last three and half years.”

Time for that long-awaited pivot!

New Tone!

Have they thought about trying infrastructure week?

NeverTrumpers, realizing at long long last (decades after everyone else did) that the monster coalition they’ve cobbled together out of rotting, festering parts is alive, lunatic, and uncontrollable, are now trying to infect the rest of us with their rot. The problem with conservatives is that no one wants what they’re selling. Only lunatics, morons, and easily gulled deplorables can even be tricked into it. The sane people are already on the other side of the fence and have been hastily driving the bus in the other direction for 40 years. George Will and co are running down the dirt road behind us trying to catch up, all the while shouting driving directions.

What’s funny about George Will giving advice is that he has no actual constituency, except for a few disaffected self-described conservatives on internet forums and a few other NeverTrumper media elites who continue to be paid to write things for reasons that remain difficult to understand. To Republicans they’re apostate. To Democrats, they’re johnny-come-lately losers who have never been right about anything.

Note that they’re not suggesing that Trump will pivot and start taking COVID seriously, or somehow become pro-Black Lives Matter.

They’re suggesting that they are scrambling to find a new message that the’ll use to paper over those two issues.

Which won’t work, because when you have no job or home, are afraid to go outside, and see military-style troops in your streets, “Sleepy Joe” ain’t gonna get you to vote Trump right now.

I think Trump’s only chance in this election is to get Covid-19.

I feel like it really can’t be overstated how incredibly bad Trump’s ads are right now. The ones where the cops have an answering machine, and say they won’t be able to come save you for three days?

And then at the end, it has Biden saying something like, “Absolutely! Absolutely!”

Like, they couldn’t actually find a clip of Biden saying anything that’s actually offensive, so they had to take a clip that’s like 3 seconds long of him randomly agreeing with something?

The end result of surrounding yourself with nothing but sycophants and yes men, I guess. The federal government is run by similar people, yay!

This only concerns the text I quoted, not the broader point of your post, but it’s possible for sane, healthy people to fall into ideological rabbit holes through external influences and it can require strong external influences to drag these people out. A person isn’t irreparably damaged because they were a conservative at one point in their life. Elizabeth Warren used to be a conservative, for example.

I also don’t think that wanting smaller government, personal freedoms, free trade policies, etc. are horrible positions. The GOP largely used that as a facade to cover for their corporatist and white nationalist agendas which IMO has been the problem, but I think it’s constructive to have someone asking “Is the government the right tool for this particular program or is there a market solution?” and that sort of thing.

Put another way, I think a lot of moderate Democrats are and have been the real conservatives. The GOP is a far-right white nationalist party that seems to want to loot the country at every opportunity.

I agree, and with this:

Democrats already have the free trade, fiscal conservative, civil libertarian stuff covered. (Maybe not small government, but I actually think small government is meaningless terminology–like socialist and liberal–that mostly is used to signal tribe. We’re a big fucking country that is going to have a big fucking administrative footprint no matter which way you slice it. And so-called conservatives are always only too happy to have government step in to enforce the status quo.)

Sure that’s true. I voted Republican throughout the 90’s, though my voting habits lagged my ideology by about 5 years. Hillary Clinton was a member of the college Republicans at Wellesley. The difference between Warren, H. Clinton et al and George Will et al is a significant ideological shift and a few decades of activism and influence building within the Democratic party.