It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


I’m fine with Beto sitting this out and running in 2028 when he’s 54. More experience under his belt, hopefully having accomplished some immigration reform, among other things.


Or perhaps being tapped as VP…


Except, if we win, he’ll be out permanently.
Sometimes you have to seize your moment. Obama did it after only 2 years in the Senate.


Yeah, I really like what I’ve seen of Beto so far and would love to welcome him to the competition of ideas and visions that this primary season is shaping up to be. Harris, Warren, Booker and Beto are the four I’m most excited about right now.

Warren, I love her policies and fighting spirit but I worry she might have established herself too much as a trench fighter to be the uniting force we’re going to need. I will be happy to be proven wrong, however, as I really like her and what she stands for.

Biden I love love love as a person but I have qualms about him as a politician and he was already too old last time around. I hope he sits out.


It’s exactly what it is.

But, like you said, they’re really fucking it up. Because Trump won partially on similar ideas for one. Their base is mostly populist now. They can’t rail against the dangers of populism after going All-In on a populist. Worse, her ideas are actually thought out, unlike Trump.


Warren and Biden old af. I’m out.



Hmm. At least she picked a day unlikely to have heavy snowfall.


If this is true, this will have caught Warren in a lie on this (that she never used it for advantage), and she might have to drop out. I would drop support for her and switch to Bernie or Kamala, as I think this would make her unelectable.

Klouchbar won’t break 5%.


Fair or not, I think this business, even before this, would kill her chances. She’d be too easy a target for Trump and Fox news, who would just shriek “POCAHONTAS!!!” nonstop. It wouldn’t matter that DJT is ballot box poison, provably incompetent, completely corrupt, and 900 times as unelectable as her.

I think Klobuchar would make a great VP candidate. (and I like her a lot)


I thought she could recover from the first thing- though it might have cost her Oklahoma in the primary (OK went for Bernie). It’s one thing to claim a bit of Native American ancestry, a lot of white people do that. Using it for advantage is considered the equivalent of stolen valor- and that is a career-ender.

I think she’ll end up in the cabinet of the next administration, but if this is true, her electoral career is over.

If this is true, what I said about not wanting Bernie to run- cancel that, I now want him to run, even if I think he has low odds of winning the nomination, they’re not zero, and he’s our best chance now.


How is that an example of using it for advantage? This was a registration card submitted after she was already admitted to the bar, she gained nothing from it.


It’s just scummy. As a white person with twice as much native blood quantum as Warren, I’d never dream of doing that. I love her policies and I will continue to vote for her as my senator, but she should not have done that. She’s not a Native American, no more than I am.


She wasn’t going to make it before this latest news anyway.


I fixed that for you. The sad reality is that he’s not unelectable.

As for Warren, I’m one of those tiny few (as noted earlier in this thread) socially liberal, but fiscally conservative Democrats. In other words, one of the now-extinct Blue Dogs. So I’m not enamored of her appetite for more and larger federal bureaucracies. That said, she’s hundreds of times preferable to any Republican and thousands of times preferable to the incumbent.

As for the whole Pocahontas fiasco, I’ve said before that she would have been better off dropping the whole thing than investing so much time and energy in trying to prove her critics wrong. Still, it never ceases to amaze me at the ability of Fox News and company to make hay out of this triviality, while MSNBC can’t seem to make all the really serious shit in Trump’s past stick.


This is because Good People vote Democrat and care about things like truth and honor, and Bad People vote Republican so they don’t give a shit if their leader is a scumbag criminal. They like it.

Why is this so hard for people to understand? @ArmandoPenblade please educate them, again.


Easy answer, but, I’m afraid, hardly the whole truth. I know quite a few otherwise good people who, for reasons that escape me, are either willing to overlook Trump’s shit or refuse to believe it. I wouldn’t say they like it.


It’s quite possible her family thought they had Cherokee ancestry and there wasn’t any intent to deceive or gain an advantage (which, really, given the state of native tribes in America is ironic.) For instance, I always thought I had German heritage from my father’s side but DNA testing reveals very little German (turns out it’s Polish instead.) Lacking that test I never would have known.

That said, we’re now in buttery males territory; I’ve actually heard mass media label the racists attacks against her as “deft.”


Is Kamala Harris’s record as a DA really as big a problem for her candidacy as some pundits would like to make it out to be? She is a tough woman - that’s part of her appeal (“Tough! Principled! Fearless!”). Going after her for being “too tough” as a DA… I don’t see where that hinders her, except with the Left wing of the party, which she wouldn’t have a chance of winning in an case (that demographic belongs to Sanders and Warren).

I think Harris takes the minority vote easily while Warren takes the progressives. Sanders will hurt Warren, which favors Harris even more - Booker can hurt Harris, but only if he somehow manages to craft a better narrative than she does, and right now that doesn’t look very likely (unless the Dems become scared at the prospect of nominating a woman again). Her narrative looks incredibly strong, right now and I think Biden is being over-valued in that poll - i.e., he’s a placeholder for people who haven’t yet decided - and I suspect most in that demographic will fall to Harris’s side.


Maybe a problem for her in the primaries, but probably a plus for her in the general election.