It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


Yes, it’s all rather depressing. I mean, you raise good questions but our reality is not equipped to give a satisfactory answer I’m afraid.


Please forgive me being late to the party, but what is the advantage to be gained by doing that? (IANAL and therefore have very limited knowledge of such things)


Minority status- preferential treatment, easier to be hired somewhere.


Huh. I figured the form was essentially a kind of census, not something used by recruiters. The US is a pretty racist place so I would have thought such a thing would hinder more than help, but I’ve never looked for a job as a lawyer and perhaps she had specific targets in mind.

Oh, and please don’t get me wrong - it seems super shady. I just assumed she’d been doing this in some misguided effort to borrow some gravitas and/or Progressive bonafides. But if this could have made a real difference in her career, that’s an entirely different story.


No… that’s the bar registration card. That’s just information for demographic purposes. It’s not supposed to be released.

If she had “Native American” on her resume, or on job applications, that would be different.


I think it much more likely she entered that information because at the time she believed it to be true.


Yeah, quite possible. My mother grew up thinking she was half Swedish until her 20’s when a family member broke the news she was only a “two bit Swede.”


At worst, Warren’s falsifying of that document can serve as a litmus test for who I consider a hopeless, hypocritical douchebag. Anyone who gets poop in their diaper over it, while saying nothing about Mitch McConnell’s general asshattery, qualifies.


Don’t they all self-identify anyway, with either a R in front of their name or a red hat?


I understand that, my concern is that this will ruin her in the primaries. Ultimately, my real goal is I want an actual progressive to win, and if I can’t get that, at least a half-progressive like Harris. A centrist will be a massive waste given the map right now.


She put down Native American ancestry a few times on official documents because that’s how the game was played - there have probably been tens of thousands of students at universities who claimed Native American ancestry, if they could, yet were only 1/16 or so and culturally not at all. Especially from Oklahoma.

Her problem is that she still doesn’t know how to back out of doing it without looking like she was trying to “manipulate” the system. But she wasn’t “manipulating it” or lying, it was just something you had an opportunity to do back then if reading between the lines about gaining favorable consideration if you had applications under minority ancestry, so she took it, like thousands of others have. Sort of like how people in Texas I know have put their wives as the owners of their companies in order to get certain benefits and regards in contracts with city and state agencies, because hiring from a “woman or minority owned company” is often encouraged or required. She just needs to say, yea, I put that down because I was encouraged to do so, lots of people I know did the same thing, and my grandmother was Cherokee, even though I’m not, so suck it. Instead, she dances around it guiltily and Fox News is now calling for her head for “lying”.

She was clearly just playing the “minority card” game - but that doesn’t mean her ancestry isn’t real either.


That is actually common everywhere as far as I know in construction. Many states preferential treatment to women and minority owned companies. Handicapped owned as well. Even some federal contracts call for it.


This sounds exactly like she was manipulating the system.


Ding ding ding.



Anyone else see what’s wrong here?
How is it so easy to jump to conclusions, and then others reinforce those conclusions even after presented contrary evidence? Is this confirmation bias at work again?

Edit edit:
At least you guys pillorying Warren over this have something in common with the RNC chair:

“It has now been thirty-three (33) years since she made this representation to the Texas Bar and has never made an attempt to correct her registration card. Therefore it is clear that Attorney Warren lacked the ‘Good Moral Character’ required for admission to the Texas Bar and should be disciplined for her three (3) decades of untruthfulness,” the request added.

> The Post reported that there’s no indication Warren had anything to gain by listing herself as “American Indian” on the card, as the data was used for statistical purposes only.

Yep, but her emails, take two. Damn, people are fucking gullible.


Thanks MrGrumpy.


My take is that she listed her Native American heritage because it was cool thing to be in the academic circles. A women gets you some points in the interesectionality competition, but Native American that’s right up there with being transgender on winning the most oppressed award.

Now it is possible that she also listed it manipulate the system, but as Mr. Grumpy points we certainly haven’t seen concrete evidence of this, certainly not from the information card she filled out for the Texas bar. Somewhat in her defense, I suspect she really believed she was 1/4 Cherokee or more likely didn’t really want to dig too deeply into her ancestry, cause it might cause her to lose status points.


Don’t accuse me of being anti-Warren, I still would vote for her if the primary in my state was today. I"ll vote for the legit progressive with the best chance of winning, or Harris if none can win (Harris might be, I’ll take a might over a not).

This is concerning to me on electability grounds. I personally find it to be a nothingburger, and I"d be angry if a Dem tried to use it on her in the primary.


I know you are not anti-Warren (and yes, because in our stupid ass country perception = reality this does become an electability issue), but you just jumped to a conclusion without any facts to support it. And then people after you started assuming the same thing (many of whom are anti-Warren, so it fits their confirmation bias.) And then it becomes a “fact.”

This is how it works.
Right wing media start a smear campaign that has roots of plausibility. MSM gives it legitimacy by obsessing over it, until finally others start uncritically assuming the smear is truth.

And that’s how we get trump.

(For the record, I will not be voting for Warren in the primary. I don’t have any idea who I’m voting for yet, but it’ll be someone probably younger, and progressive, and most likely without any real shot at the nomination 😑)


Claiming Native blood is just a thing in some states. It’s not an academia thing. It’s just a thing. I’m fairly sure half the state of North Carolina is 1/4-1/8 Cherokee if you ask them.

The difference is that now you can do a blood test and for some reason Warren did it. Odds are her parents told her she was and she assumed she was her whole life and acted accordingly.