It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


Better candidates in the general perhaps, but I want an actual progressive, even if they’re not the best candidate. Right now the only definite progressives to me are Warren, Bernie, and Inslee, with Harris being an unknown quantity.


Agreed - she might be a great President, with policies that would advance the country, etc, but I worry about her one on one with a bully like Trump that has no morals or positive values guiding him. I think she’d come across as weak to the idiots that would cast their vote on such a ridiculous basis.


That’s a fair assessment.

While I’m pretty much to the left of the entire Democratic party, I sorta disagree with this. I’d rather have the best candidate to beat trump. I want more progressives to run for local and state elections - build from the ground up, not the top down.


Are you suggesting that the people most aggrieved by this aren’t motivated by a love of wholly truthful politicians? :)

Yeah… this shit only matters to people who weren’t going to vote for her anyway. All the rest is just internet noise.

I think most of us feel that way. The question is, does that mean a centrist who can take back the white working class voters? Or a progressive who can turn out young people? Hell if I know.


Yeah. There’s far more voters in that pool, but it’s also a big risk.


Yeah, if you are watching Fox for your news, you aren’t an independent or democrat. So it doesn’t much matter what Fox is going on about.


Hear hear!


IIRC didn’t Warren before the DNA test say she thought she was part NA, like maybe 5-10%? If so why claim that as your main heritage when you are obviously 90% something else. I might be 1/16th Hispanic (on my paternal grandmothers side) but I would never state that as my ethnicity unless I was hoping to get something from it simply because I am obviously 15/16ths something else.

Warren made this bed, she continued it by doing the stupid DNA test and announcing it. It’s not going away.


While true, the problem is that this is what the MSM covers instead of policy. But her emails, take two.

Fist bump.


I’m trying to think of something with the ‘butter’ pun, combined with the Land O Lakes lady.

The world may end but at least we’ll always have our memes.


She should just dismiss all of it as “locker room talk.” Play it like Trump to highlight the absurd double standard.


If she’d only said that she moved on him like a cuck, and he let her do it, then it’d all blow over.


Even isn’t giving a damn about this story. This is the only spot I’ve heard it discussed.


So when does the person who released this information wind up going to jail? It says right on that little card it’s not supposed to be public information.


To be fair, this is two of the usual suspects getting the bit between their teeth and running amuck because man, it’s February and ain’t shit else to do.

But yeah. It’s the nothingest of nothingburgers and nobody cares. Well, I guess the Cherokee care to the extent that they were like “uh, no” and Warren was like “my b sry” and then everyone moved on.

Love me some E-dubs, but probably not voting for her in the primary either. Maybe. We’ll see how things look when the time comes.


This is a thing.


Come on, Ohio. Let’s get into double digits already.


Let’s not pretend Ohio is a swing state anymore. They’ve bought the GOP line, and are basically North Kentucky these days.


I agree entirely- and it’s why I got involved with the actul Dems despise being unsuited to it.

I hope they learned their lesson here with Kathy Manning- who was one of the worst performing Dems of 2018.


On which application do you ‘suspect’ she checked ‘Native American’, and why do you suspect that? Especially now that you’ve been made aware that no one has produced any application for anything where she checked ‘Native American’, and that no one who ever admitted her or hired her says that she did or says that her ethnicity was even a factor they considered in the decision?