It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


So, of the announced field, which ones are actually running for VP? Beto? Klobuchar?


Gillibrand, Castro, Delaney.


Did Beto announce? How did I miss that?


He did not.

Does anyone really want to be VP? Honest question, I figure anyone running would have an ego that wouldn’t admit that.


As John Nance Garner famously said, the vice presidency is not worth a bucket of warm piss.


Nobody really runs for VP, but I feel like every really contested election there’s a class of people running more or less for exposure. That exposure leading to a VP nod, or a 4-8 year later actual run.

Some are just running for pure ego gratification, though.


I have no idea who I will vote for in the primary at this point. Keep bringing them on. I will pick what I think the best choice is at the time.


then cheney decided to change that, for worse


This piece contrasting Warren and Klobuchar is IMO on target. Warren thinks the problem is rich people have rigged the system and the solution is we have to claw back money and power from the wealthy. Klobuchar thinks the problem is people don’t work together in Washington and the solution is bipartisanship.

I mean, there’s no contest there. If that is really Klobuchar’s vision, I hope she gets her ass handed to her in the primaries.


Klobuchar is running as a get-things-done moderate. Warren is more a populist crusader. Of the candidates currently in the race, they are probably the two poles (Biden and Sanders would take over those positions, if they get in).

The debates and primaries are going to be fascinating. The party is clearly moving left, but we don’t really know how fast and how far that will happen until we sort through the the next couple years.


Well, if it were between those 2, it is Warren for me. It is time to go left, hard.


Fox and the right wing media have already framed the Democrats as the hard left socialist communism party so we may as well get some shit done for humanity while we’re at it.


I just don’t think the 2020 Dem primaries are going to be winnable by someone who says “whoah whoah, let’s slow down and be careful about what we wish for!”


Yes. While I’m glad to hear who’s running, I want stump speeches and debates already, dammit.


Especially when you know Trump doesn’t give a shit, and doesn’t have to get re-elected so he will promise everyone free massage chairs paid by China.

Hillary tried the moderate thing, it didn’t work.


Apparently Klobuchar has a good reputation on tech-regulation issues, which is something I think is good, but the rest of her platform seems to be very weak tea to me. Thus far, I would not consider her one of my top potential candidates.


I have my doubts about this, too,

But there is plenty of polling that says Dems’ highest priority is electability. I have not seen any good analysis of whether that means a progressive firebrand to bring out the base, a moderate who can capture those Obama-Trump working class votes in places like WI, MI, OH and PA, or some combination of the two on one ticket. Who sparks more turnout where?


She got a lot more votes. They were just in the wrong places. And if you’re looking for “Hillary without the baggage,” Klobuchar is probably the closest thing you can find. And she’s stronger in the upper midwest.

Personally, I’d be ecstatic to have Harriss, Gillibrand or Klobuchar at the top of the ticket. But mostly, I’m interested to see how this plays out!


> Later, we worked across the aisle to get the federal funding and we rebuilt that I-35W bridge — in just over a year. That’s community. That’s a shared story. That’s ordinary people doing extraordinary things. But that sense of community is fracturing across our nation right now, worn down by the petty and vicious nature of our politics. We are all tired of the shutdowns and the showdowns, the gridlock and the grandstanding. Today we say enough is enough. - Klobuchar

Obama tried this - “There is no Red American or Blue America, we’re all Americans.” The day of Obama’s inauguration McConnell et al decided to obstruct everything - and they did, more successfully probably than even McConnell imagined they could (it helps to have a compliant national media.)

The “heal vs fight” debate (NY Times has an editorial on this, don’t have the link handy) that Klobuchar and Brooker are advocating are missing a crucial point - we’re not even working from the same set of facts. Yesterday’s postings by Malathor illustrate this pretty well - everything he posted has been a headline in either the Federalist, Townhall or Daily Caller. They’re like an army of Kewpie dolls all spouting the same lines over and over again after you pull the string. It’s propaganda, pure and simple but telling them it’s propaganda doesn’t work, nor does pointing out facts. I really don’t know anything that will honestly.


Trump did not win those voters by preaching moderation. Why will preaching moderation win them back for Dems? Those people want radical change. They don’t know what radical change they want, but what they don’t want is blue-ribbon bipartisan committees.