It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


“Woah, woah let’s slow down. I stole your car, let’s be careful so I don’t steal your bike too!”


It isn’t really the Democrats pushing those story lines though, is it?


The tea just keeps getting weaker.


I can’t help but wonder if Russia is going to step up its election meddling a notch. It’s not like the GOP are going to do anything.


As part of the George Soros sponsored AOC fanaticism, here’s an analysis from Twitter about how she seems to understand political ads, comparing her ad campaign with what’s being put out by the crop of Democratic candidates. I thought this was quite an interesting analysis (and it shows how AOC’s on top of this area also):


No, she wasn’t.


I said ‘fairly progressive,’ as the record is sufficiently mixed that you can find whatever you’re looking for. She’s been progressive on police bias, same-sex marriage and transition programs to reduce recidivism. Her record on the death penalty is mixed. She’s a late convert to legalizing marijuana (but I’ll take it). The truancy thing – I don’t understand what the heck was going on there.

Decent summary:


I have heard a commentator on Fox I think compare Harris’ actions to those of another candidate who worked for and therefore lied for the Philip Morris Company. While both did their jobs, one followed the law while the other hid health safety concerns from the public.


There are apparently dozens of people in the US pining for the middle ground of Howard Schultz. Everyone else thinks one party or the other is enough to encapsulate their views, pretty much.


All he is is a fucking spoiler and it pisses me off.



Whatever anyone thinks of Ezra Klein he does a fantastic job here of shredding Schultz. There’s a lot of quote worthy things in the piece, but I’m going to leave a quote from Schultz himself because it’s pure marketing bullshit CEO’s love but is absolutely meaningless (I hear things like this even at the tiny company I work for and it makes me want to scream.)

In every case, Schultz’s solution is either what the mainstream of the Democratic Party is already proposing to do, or is so vague as to be meaningless. Consider, for instance, his solution for education:

We must make our education system more-nimble, more advanced, and driven by innovative new ideas. True reform requires everyone at the table: students, parents, educators, administrators, unions, charters, parochial schools and businesses.

That’s it. Seriously.


Meanwhile in other billionaire news regarding the 2020 race…

Bloomie set to spend half a bil to keep Trump from getting a second term…


Hey, at least he didn’t say it should be “visceral” and “immersive.”


Wrong industry. He wants to be “disruptive”.


Pretty nice endorsement pickup for Senator Harris.

Barbara Lee – per Harry Enten and using DW2 scaling – is one of the most liberal members of Congress.


I can’t help but imagine Trump will be unable to come up with a non-racist nickname for Harris. I don’t think he’ll be able to help himself, or his nature.


Camel Hump? He’s not clever and it sounds a bit like a mis-pronounce of Kamala.

Then maybe they will pretend like she has a hump because reality doesn’t matter anymore.

Or maybe going with your idea, it will be something like ‘Caramel-a’.

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Hump-backed Harris sounds like something that might actually come out of his mouth. Then Hannity or Tucker will dig up some old scoliosis diagnosis that the media will run with.


He’ll just use her first name, pronounced slowly as one would a foreign word.