It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


I think you’re spot-on, Nesrie. Like Scott, I believe she’s pretty strong on policy but the odds are quite unfairly stacked against her.


Sure, but nobody likes a pedant.


Wow, that’s a lot of discussion. Still not entirely sure where I fall, but just thought I’d point out I work 54 hours a week. To me, $15 per hour means $47.5k annually which is actually more than I am currently earning (I am overtime exempt, of course).


So the GOP quashing a plan to raise the overtime exempt minimum is working as intended then.

That sucks.


Why do you work 54 hours a week? What’s the point?


Survival? Money? Have you never had to live by every dollar you earn or something?


If he’s salaried, he doesn’t get more money for those extra hours. Presumably the employer demands it?


Which doesn’t change anything if that’s what the position requires. I think it comes across as out of touch and condescending to ask a person why they don’t just make their own work schedule.


Earning a living wage? Providing for self, family, etc? I know I work at least 50 hours per week myself. Being on salary carries a lot of stability, along with the responsibilities.


Do you feel like you’d lose the job if you worked fewer hours?


I can’t speak to anyone else, but I’ll just say that for me, that doesn’t even figure into the equation.


That sounds horrible.

I used to do 50-60 hour weeks for a company during tax season. I ended up getting fired after I was burnt out after the birth of my second child. So, not something I plan to do again.

I work in the same industry for a different company, but no commute, and even during tax season, I still fewer than 50 hours. I’m so much happier.

If you can’t make ends meet in 40 hours, than the jobs isn’t worth doing.


Well that’s a nice world to live in, if you can, I guess.


There are lots of people who work very, very hard, and very long hours. Some of it is necessary (like a startup) and some is not (some people are just workaholics or want to get away from home).

Then there are people who equate being at work with working. But really they’re doing all sorts of non-work stuff. Playing games, surfing the internet, social media, chit-chatting, whatever. Or maybe they’re taking 15-minute smoke breaks every hour. This is particularly prevalent in my line of work in gaming/tech.

I mean look at the environments that places like Facebook and Google build for their employees. They are blending the notion of work and personal time, I’m sure with the hope that people will work more without getting bitter about it.

Anyway, I’m old enough now where I try to minimize the bullshit time at work and just come and go when I need to in order to get the work done. But there are tons of young kids trying to prove themselves who get in at 8am and don’t leave until 7pm or later. And they’re doing a lot of non-work stuff at work, but if you asked them their hours it’d sound like they are working very hard.


Nobody does that!! Who does that??? Are you saying I do that?!?!?!?! I don’t do that!!



There was the master.

I don’t think most of the people I work with do that. If the system needs attention though, you don’t clock out, you work until the system is okay.


LOL! Love that character. My sister and I still quote him to this day… “I’m not being defensive. You’re the one who’s being defensive.”


And because this keeps coming up, but it’s not a made up thing.


FEC filings show Hickenlooper has declared candidacy and formed a committee. He’s now part of the clown car.


In a blow to headline writers hoping for a fat paycheck, Hillary Clinton has explicitly ruled out a run in 2020.

We all knew this was the case, but writers with “sources” kept trying to drum up clicks.