It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


This was good:


Great responses.


I just donated to Jay Inslee because he is the only candidate who treats climate change as it rationally ought to be treated, i.e. as the most important issue facing the world.

I fear he has no chance but it would be nice to see him mix it up in the primaries.


I donated as well.


Now this is an Idea.

Wouldn’t that be poetic justice?


Definitely an idea - a horrible one.


Maybe, but if Biden is acceptable, I can’t imagine why Gore wouldn’t be.


For the same reason Hillary can’t run again - they lost their presidential elections.


Because Gore is as boring at watching non-leaded paint dry.

I think he’s be a fantastic president and run the country competently and with the best interests of the American people in mind. His ecological policies would move the planet in the proper direction and his economic policies would be carefully calibinatedd to fiiiidiful th qwewcaawaaaaaaaaaaaa <snzzzzzzzzzzz>


I’ve lost count of the number of Presidential elections Biden has lost.

Whereas Biden is…exciting?

I’m very much in the camp of wanting someone who will be good at the job. Gore would undoubtedly be good at it.


Biden is warm and human. His press spots (e.g. the one with Colbert) make you feel like he cares about the country and YOU in a deep and personal way.

Gore comes across as sincere… but stiff and leaden. I absolutely believe he’d be great as POTUS… but I don’t think he’d make the cut in the primaries.


Bringing back Gore is just an invitation to relive everything about Clinton. Is that really, really something we want? I mean there is a conversation about Pence elsewhere going on right now. The VPs don’t get to just shake off the Presidents they serve with, for good or bad.


Now you have made me depressed imagining a world where Al Gore, winner of the most votes in 2000 had become our president.


I blame myself.


SNL Did a different one as well, but I couldn’t find it.


I got you, fam.


You win!


[Neo voice] I know google-fu.


What’s a ‘yahoo view’? Whatever it is, it doesn’t work in Chrome!


It does, but it maybe region locked.