It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


It’s the other way around, blaming loss in the general election because they didn’t nominate Bernie.


urrite, there’s no salt directed at Bernie primary voters from Clinton backers w/r/t general election results


Look, Biden would be like when the work group goes out to lunch and everyone wants to go to Red Robin, instead of the local Thai place. Sure, I am fine with Red Robin, a bit disappointed, but it is still better than McDonalds. I’ll vote for the Thai place, but if the consensus is with Red Robin I will eat a cheesburger.


Jooooooe Biden YUMMMMMMM


He should totally make that the tag at the end of his ads.


I laughed too loud at that one.

I would definitely subscribe to your news letter.

I’m Joooooe Bidden, YUMMMMM, and I approve this message.


I mean if I’m being honest, I think I’d take McD’s over Red Robin. The latter isn’t 2x as good to justify the price differential.

Except I think in your hypothetical McDonald’s is Trump, so, I mean, I don’t fuckin’ know. I’d vote for “Armando’s Dick Gets Chopped Off Without Anesthetic or After-Dick-Chopping Medical Care 2020” over Trump, though.



That doesn’t roll off the tongue the same was Bidden does.


If Biden wins the nomination and goes on to defeat trump, I’d be popping the (metaphorical) champagne the same as any other candidate. That however doesn’t mean I want Biden to win the nomination.



As someone who doesn’t have a detailed understanding of the primary rules, would you be able to explain what he means by that?


I think we need ranked voting and we need it now now now if we are going to have 10+ candidates on the ballot. It might have stopped Trump for the 'pubs and it might stop a fringe candidate on the Dem side now.


Democrats do proportional delegate awards of delegates that hit a certain vote percentage, whereas many Republican primary states are all-or-nothing awards.

So I think he’s saying that it’s a system in which we could get to mid-March or April in 2020 with no clear front-runner, and no candidate with an obvious path to enough primary-awarded delegates to carry the nomination. And so then we’d get 3 months of yelling and hollering and Dems in Disarray as state parties have their conventions and various state party shenanigans ensue as they always do. And people who have zero idea of what the DNC do yelling that the DNC needs more power to control such shenanigans (probably right) or the shenanigans are the result of DNC over-reach (almost definitely wrong, because the DNC is basically the guy in the Ronald McDonald costume–blaming him for your lousy cheeseburger makes you feel better, but he doesn’t really do anything.)

And that all may lead to a brokered convention.

So yeah.

But – and you heard it here first – a brokered convention would be AMAZING and I think, counterintuitively, massively helpful for the Democrats.


The only fringe candidate on the Dem side is Tulsi.
Bernie isn’t fringe.


What’s the excuse for not using a system like PR-STV in primaries to ensure the candidate with most overall support wins?


See, you want all your candidates sorted and placed in a way that makes sense, an array of choices for the voters.

What the Democrats have is the opposite of that array.

A disarray, one might say.



If it avoids us a Bernie v Biden showdown, I’m all for it.

It sucks that I wrote off Warren like many people but now that I’m listening she’s my #1. I’m afraid I wasn’t the only one who wrote her off.

Of course, it would have been nice if she’d have picked the big banks and the telecom companies as monopoly targets before/along with tech companies. People like tech companies.


I agree with you. There is some value in that battle of candidates, and a certain strength in whomever emerges as the victor. Competition is good.


Thank you, can you talk to my wife about this? She like Red Robin for some reason, and I think it is merely o.k. I like the campfire sauce for the fries, but the burgers are pretty blah.