It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


Rampant rumors that Beto will throw his hat in the ring tomorrow.


Really wish Stacey Abrams would run but I’m good if she “just” runs for Senator instead.


Royal Red Robing burger is awesome.

Frankly, as far as chains go, Red Robin is pretty decent


I’m an unholy crazy person who actually likes McDonald’s burgers quite a bit (they’re tied for favorite in the pure fast food realm with Wendy’s for me; in the quick-service realm, several competitors like Fuddrucker’s, Five Guys, Freddy’s, Shake Shack, and BurgerFi edge 'em out), so my opinion here may be of diminished value.


It really is, has something for everyone too. My family avoids it too often because there are people there. There are people there because it’s pretty good food.


I think we should all wait until 12:01pm on 1/20/21 before popping that champagne. Like Cohen, I don’t think Trump will abdicate power.


He’ll think about it, especially if he’s facing indictments the next day. We may depend on the loyalties of senior military leaders.

Considering what an asshole Trump is to those around him, I think we’ll be OK.


The good news about Biden is he already has a campaign biography published.


God I fucking miss Obama.


Beto is IN.


You sure he’s not just in?


I know this is really early going but I’m really liking what I’m seeing the Democrats field this time around. Even the announced candidates I like the least (as of right now, that’s mostly Klobacher) I would have no problem supporting in the general and not just in a “anyone but Trump” kind of way.


The debates should be amazing. I really, really hope support doesn’t immediately gel around Bernie and Biden when we have such a diverse bunch of peeps.


If the Democrats quickly coalesce around one of two super old white dudes, then the Democrats deserve what they will get.


I don’t think it really works like that. How does Trump avoid losing power? There is no mechanism. I mean, life isn’t really a bad Tom Clancy movie.


Manufacture a national emergency, call into question the election results (ironically). That’s at least two.


Beto got the Straight Edge. I think I’m in love.


Great. Now I’m going to have “Waiting Room” stuck in my head for the next week.


I don’t have any doubt he will tweet such things, but so what? What is the mechanism by which he retains power? The military and the Secret Service will absolutely not follow his orders, because to do so is (effectively) treason, and none of them care enough about Trump to commit treason for him. Cabinet members will not support him for the same reason. It would be personal and political suicide.



I think there is really just one mechanism by which Trump retains power upon having lost the election, and that is to “win” the election; i.e., election fraud. And while I’m sure he would if he could, his organization and allies (not even Russia) don’t seem to have the competence and influence that would be required to pull that off.