It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


This is actually similar to Schultz… Schultz is a life long democrat, and he’d likely draw a lot less heat if he just competed in the primary as a center leaning democrat.

Now, it may be that such a candidate can’t win in the primary, but that’s still what he should do.

I understand better now why folks thought he’d pull votes from the Democrats… I had assumed that since he was a rich billionaire, he was more on the GOP side of things. I didn’t realize he was as far left as he was, until I started digging into his stuff. Given that, if he want’s to play, it seems like he should just compete in the Democratic primary and see how things go.


Schultz knows he can’t win the Democratic primary. I’m more of the mind lately that he’s actually running to prevent a progressive Democrat from winning. He’d rather have four more years of Trump than face the horrors of a public option for healthcare.


Ya, although why exactly do you think that is?
What part of his policy ideas is bad, from a mainstream Democratic perspective?
I’m genuinely asking this question, I don’t know the answer.


This is a bad election to be a Democratic billionaire who says stuff like “how are you going to pay for that?”

Maybe in 2028.


From what I understand, he thinks raising taxes on the wealthy is un-American, and fixing the debt problem starts with cutting Social Security


and those things make you not a Democrat.


The actual number of fiscally conservative, socially liberal voters is tiny. It seems like there are a bunch of them, but there really aren’t. That profile will never win – but they can peel enough votes off someone to matter.

Details here:


Eh? Does he really?
I know he previously called the GOP tax plan bullshit. I also know that he’s criticized some of the more extreme progressive suggestions like straight up wealth taxes being proposed by folks like Warren and AOC (which, to be clear, may face legal challenges from a constitutional perspective).

But I didn’t get the impression that he was opposed to simply raising marginal rates on the upper brackets.


You might be right, but it doesn’t matter. Democrats are not going to nominate someone who is moderate for 2020. The candidate that wins is going to be the one talking about raising taxes A LOT on rich people, legalizing marijuana, public option, etc.

Whether that person wins and if he or she actually does that stuff is unknown, but this election will be about big progressive ideas.


Is that pod 538? I think I heard that one.

Anyway, the guy is a joke with no platform.


The person to ask is Schultz b/c he’s the one who made the decision to consider a third party run rather than entering the Dem primary.

It’s not like he even tried his hand at getting Dem support; his very first move was to announce he was considering a third party run. Why?


Especially when the question is disingenuous. Schultz is well aware that single payer doesn’t mean you continue to spend the same money on private insurance at the same time. He’s using the Republican scare tactic that ignores the fact the we already can’t afford the projected cost increases of healthcare over the next decade.


Poll that just landed confirms that AOC is better known among Republicans than she is among Democrats. That’s probably thanks to FOX saturation coverage/obsession with her.

After reading this thread, I’m pretty sure that Howard Schultz is the same way among liberal and progressive Democrats compared to centrist Democrats and independents.


Well, she does seemingly lead off half of Fox’s shows and most conservative radio.


She scares them. A minority woman from an urban center that openly pushes socialism. And she doesnt seem to give a crap about their attacks. She’s their nightmare.


I think it’s perhaps more likely that they see a new bogeyman they can use to rile up their base.


Yes, Hillary and Warren are both old, and one of those two is politically defunct.

They need to groom their next Cruella. AOC will be paying off for decades.

I like her Rooseveltian “I welcome their hatred” attitude, though.


I think making her into a bogeyman when she is touting extremely populist and well polling ideas like “tax the wealthy” it might be harder for them to accomplish. Especially with her social media savvy.


Oh yeah, i think they are going to fuck it up.


Beto agonistes.