It's time to talk NFL Football '09 Baby!

The last week should be exciting, and sometimes it is, with teams playing to get in the playoffs… But, teams always end up benching starters for some reason. Of course, this year Wes Welker and Anquan Boldin showed us why they do it.

I’m a bit surprised that it looks like there won’t be the typical quantity of coaching changes this year. Yeah, it looks like there will be a few changes - Buffalo, Washington, probably Cleveland. A few others are up in the air. But other teams aren’t making moves. No changes in Carolina, only the assistants axed in Chicago.

Seems odd.

Maybe the same 30 NFL head coaches are tired of changing to random new teams each year.

I’ve heard that the labor uncertainty has a lot to do with this. Teams are unwilling to shell out the cash for a new coach (while paying a newly fired coach their contract) right now, as there is now talk about a potential lockout for the 2010 season.

That’s an angle that I hadn’t considered. I’m not at all convinced that an actual labor crisis will end up occurring, though it’s certainly possible, so I can see the argument that it will impact a number of things over the next several months.

With the NFL season in the books, it’s time to see how I did in talking about the NFL!

I’d like to focus on my last sentence, and not my first paragraph, because in that first paragraph I’m an idiot. But I stand by Jason Campbell! I wish him luck in San Francisco or wherever he ends up.

Oh man. Remember Jason Taylor?

Hahaha. Whoops!

This one’s not mine, but I still want to point it out – well done, Shmtur! Especially since, after this, lots of people (read that: at least Sports Illustrated) made Chicago their NFC Super Bowl pick, before Jay Cutler started adding a bunch of picks of his own.

And finally (skipping another 10 or so posts where I declare my love for Jason Campbell):

Yeah, this pretty much is still true.

Obviously I need to make more predictions! I’ll be sure to get on that this offseason.

I thought 2011 was the probable lockout year (…and 2010 will be uncapped)?

The talk now is that the owners might lockout the players prior to next year to avoid the uncapped season. I’m not really sure why, though, as a whole bunch of players will lose their free agency next year if a new deal isn’t signed so it’s not like there will be much to spend on.

Given that there does seem to be movement already on some issues (rookie salary cap, etc.), I’m optimistic none of it will come to pass.

Maybe the owners don’t want the big spenders to buy a championship team in the uncapped year only to follow it up by cutting all the high-priced players after a new deal is made and a new cap is implemented. There will be a lot of roster changes if the uncapped year is played.

It’s cool to see Harvin win AP offensive rookie of the year. I only watched a few Vikings games and would’ve liked to see them use him on some more run sweeps, perhaps as misdirection for Peterson. Maybe the NFL doesn’t work like that.

Actually, Eddie George only had one season with more carries then CJ had this year.

On a side note, George’s best season was 4.1/attempt. Kind of interesting compared to all the angst over Peterson’s “down” year.

Not as many as you think. It adds another year to restricted FA, which means that a lot of players won’t be able to leave, if a team tenders them. Plus, most teams will be able to keep the players they have. Sure, a few cheap teams might drop some guys, and some high market/money teams might grab them. But I don’t see a big flood of changes, actually. 2011 might be a different story, but I should think they’ll have something worked out by then.

Right, but what I’m saying is that most of those carries for CJ came in the last 3 or 4 games, when they decided that’s about all they had to play for anymore. They don’t normally run him that much per game (closer to 20 carries, usually). And yeah, even in a down year, AD looks pretty good. Oddly enough, one Titan fan was complaining that CJ only had 4.32 ypc in the last 3 games or so (again, when we ran him a lot and other teams knew it was coming). George couldn’t dream of such an average. He was never really that good, to be honest. Well, he was good at moving a pile, which played in the ball control offense Fisher liked at the time.

The economy is in the crapper, and if you fire a coach you still have to pay him, plus whatever you pay the new coach. The economy is forcing teams to think somewhat more rationally about coaching changes.

While his carries did go up late in the season, he still carried it more then 20 times a game during the mid-season winning streak. 24.4 carries per game, to be exact. And he had a relatively light load during the opening losing streak prior to the bye week, averaging about 15.8 carries a game. His average in their 8 wins was 26.9 carries/game.

Either way you look at it, he had a lot of carries this year. And it was a big jump from the 251 he had in 2008.

Yep. Last year he split carries with Lendale White. But this year, the drop off from Johnson to any other RB on the roster was just so big that the coaches couldn’t justify bringing him out of the game. He’s also a good blocker, so he stays in on third downs (unlike Peterson, for example). Sometimes he gets carries then, too, even in short yard situations, and he does well.

I think they’ll look for a complement for him next season though, because I don’t think they want him carrying it that much either.

The Titans have carpet bombed their draft with RBs, it’s pretty insane. Three RBs picked in the first 2 rounds in the last 4 drafts, and you can go back to Chris Brown in 2003 who was a 3rd round pick. What is up with that?

When a pick doesn’t pan out, that means you still have the same need going into the next draft. They’ve managed to end up with the best RB in the league, so I guess it worked out for them.

Speaking of carpet bombing draft picks, the Rams have spent four number ones on defensive tackles and may spend a fifth if they draft Suh: Adam Carriker, Jimmy Kennedy, Damione Lewis, and Ryan Pickett.

Pickett was decent but they let him go to free agency. Lewis and Kennedy were busts. Carriker missed the entire season with an injury and was injured a lot the previous season I believe, so he’s basically a second year player. He might be ok.

If they do pick Suh, it’ll be just like when the Lions kept drafting WRs and finally ended up with Calvin Johnson. Assuming Suh isn’t another bust.