It's time to talk NFL Football '09 Baby!

You forgot to say what decade this will happen in.

Art Zorn, Jim’s father, lives next door to me. Nice guy. I saw Jim a couple of weeks ago and he’s pretty positive about his team. Too bad for him he has to coach a team in the most loaded division in the NFL.

The cream of the AFC seems to be the Steelers and the Patsies. Barring injuries, those two teams look loaded, though there’s always a team that springs up out of nowhere. In the NFC, I think you have to like the Eagles - there’s no glaring hole on that team. Some are picking Chicago, but they have my vote for “most disappointing” in the NFC.

As for Vick, I think the Panthers may wind up with him. They desperately need a backup QB (and perhaps a starter given Jake’s propensity to implode) and someone to generate some excitement. Considering they already have two good running backs, having Vick in the backfield for a handful of plays to run the option and throw deep to Steve Smith would make an offensive coordinator drool.

Titans will win the SB this year. That’s all that really matters. Carry on.

The Packers are pretty promising*

*Provided a defense magically developed over the off-season.

Oh yea! Here’s to a healthy QB/receiver core this year! My biggest question is how the team will do with the whole new system behind them. Mora is a question mark to me, but some around here seem to be excited for him.

So, will Brandon Jacobs completely bulldoze LaRon Landry again?

As stated in my season preview, no!

Or at least I hope not. That was both awesome and painful to watch. Painful, because it was my Redskins. Awesome in that he went from upright to flat on his back in about .2 seconds. Landry got DRILLED.

I hoping that Branch and Burleson will be healthy also (they both played in minicamp) and someone…anyone…will start to resemble a starting running back.

I wish the hawks had just cut Branch. You just know he’s going to get hurt again.

I haven’t paid much attention to the offseason - how is the Hawk’s defense this year? From what I recall of last year it was pretty grim…

Every year that goes by just points out more and more how the Patriots fleeced Seattle for Branch. A first-rounder for a guy who can’t stay on the field. Ouch.

We will not mention Jason Taylor here.

Yeah the Branch deal was a total disaster. Has the guy even managed to play in 50% of the games since being traded?

Looks like I was wrong on one of those predictions already. I guess ESPN is reporting that Favre has told the Vikings he won’t be unretiring after all.

Woooo yeah me too

I have come to this thread to criticize people for not talking NFL Football '09 Baby.

The little things in life can be so meaningful sometimes…this means we won’t be subject to MNF’s “what’s Brett Favre doing this week” diatribes that they love so much.

I hope so. I’m a little afraid that we’re going to get “Would Brett Favre help <insert team here>?” all season long every time a quarterback struggles.

Wow. RIP Jim Johnson

I haven’t given up totally on him yet. If he is healthy, and Hasslebeck is healthy and TJ demands double teams, Branch could have a comeback year.

yyeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…that’s the ticket.

He’s not going to stay healthy though. :)

I’ve got two bits on T.O. as the NFL Football '09 Baby.