It's time to talk NFL Football '09 Baby!

You people are so young. The late, great, Bob McKittrick pioneered the modern chop block.

I disagree about Julian Peterson. I think he was incredibly overrated because of his occasional ability to pressure the QB. Of all the linebackers Seattle has fielded in the past ten years, I think only Isaiah Kasavinski (sp?) and Niko Koutavitis (again not sure on the spelling) have been caught out of position more frequently than good old “I"m gonna point at the name on the back of my jersey over and over whenever I make a play” Peterson.

Contrast Peterson’s play with Tatupu who, despite possessing only half of Peterson’s natural athleticism, is the far superior linebacker because of his intellect and vision.

I think linebacker is one of the best positions for rookies, actually. Recent players who have excelled in their rookie seasons at linebacker:

Lofa Tatupu
David Harris
Patrick Willis
Demeco Ryans
Jerod Mayo
Keith Rivers (pre-Ward crack block)
Jon Beason
Shawne Merriman
Jonathan Vilma

In fact, eight of the last nine defensive rookies of the year have been linebackers.

Don’t forget that Seattle’s other linebacker, Leroy Hill, also played well as a rookie. The Seahawks have a pretty good recent record with rookies at that position. Assuming there isn’t a long holdout with Curry, it’s not unreasonable to expect him to have a solid or better season. That might not equal what Peterson would have given them, but long-term making the change was the right move.

And Curry was widely regarded as the “safe” pick, the most NFL-ready of the top 10 prospects. I think he’ll excel in Seattle. I wish Kansas City had taken him.

whoops, so it is.



Some scary (for Seahawk fans) rumors going around that Mike Wahl, the team’s starting left guard, may be retiring. Seattle has some decent OL depth, but Wahl was easily the best guy they’ve had at the position since the departure of Hutchinson.

We got way too many Seattle fans in this thread.

That’s ok. Preseason is the only time you see them. They tend to hibernate during the regular season, usually around some 6 game losing streak.

Of course, the Steelers will win Super Bowl #7 this year.

Oh my, you are a little behind the times aren’t you.

Fans who jumped on the Seahawks bandwagon during the Super Bowl run may disappear after a losing streak, but anyone from the AFC days is not going to be so fickle.

Awww don’t make me put a date on it! I will then be off by inifinity as that’s when they will finally make it to the big dance.

The Seahawks are one of three teams I’ve seen play live – I saw Redskins vs. Chiefs, and Seahawks vs. Chiefs. I believe the Seahawks game was in 2006, when Herm Edwards was busy running Larry Johnson into the ground. The Seahawks were without Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander, but the Chiefs kept them in it thanks to Dustin Colquitt fumbling a punt and then trying to pass it, looking a lot like Garo Yepremian, and Jared Allen fumbling an interception return. Kansas City won, but it was despite our best efforts.

That game has zero bearing on what happens this year, but it was a really fun game, if not exactly a good one.

On topic, um… Washington signed Brian Orakpo, getting him in on the second day of training camp, so that’s good. I’m also amazed at how small his contact is in comparison to guys picked just 5-7 picks earlier. Those top five picks can be killers.


Actually, Art Zorn - Jim’s father - is my next door neighbor. He has a fair amount of the old Seahawks memorabilia. It’s pretty cool stuff and we talk about those mid-70s and early 80s teams. Ah, the ‘Hawks are ok- I’m just pokin’ fun at 'em. I’m just still pissed at them for giving New England a prime #1 pick for an over-the-hill WR.

On Sunday, I root for 3 teams.

  1. The Steelers
  2. The Panthers, as long as they’re not playing the Steelers
  3. Whoever is playing Baltimore
  4. Whoever is playing New England

Yeah well, my Niners gave them the pick that turned into Jarod fucking Mayo. NFL owners should use Bill Bellichick for their coach performance reviews. Offer your first round pick from next year, and if he jumps at it it means you’re going to have a bad season so you should just fire the coach now and not waste your first rounder and your season.

Unfortunate news from Patriots camp:

FOXBOROUGH, MA—Excitement surrounding the return of quarterback Tom Brady devolved into mute panic Thursday as each of Brady’s first 10 passes barely made it to the line of scrimmage. “Oh, God,” said Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, breaking the silence that fell across the assembled players, coaches, and legions of fans who had just witnessed Brady’s ninth pass flutter slowly from his limp hand and land between his own feet. “Who’s our backup? Does anyone know who our backup is?” When asked for comment, wide receiver Randy Moss said he doesn’t care how poorly Brady throws the ball as long at it rolls in his direction.


Don’t scare me like that!

Hey, it’s not football on QT3 without some Patriots bashing, amiright?


From Mike Reiss’s training camp blog:

  1. Tom Brady in command of the offense. This was one aspect that stood out from the session – Brady and his presence in the shotgun. He reads the defense, calls out the middle linebacker with authority, and never seems hurried even as the clock winds down. He gets the Patriots into the right play-call and then delivers. The offense had four straight “situational” plays in the red zone and Brady led them to a touchdown on each of them. The breakdown:

– Ball on the 7, with 12 seconds left: Brady to Wes Welker for a touchdown
– Ball on the 3, with 8 seconds left: Sammy Morris run for a score on a well-executed fake
– Ball on the 1.5, with 4 seconds left: Brady successful quarterback sneak
– Ball on the 1.5, with 2 seconds left: Brady to Randy Moss for a touchdown

Make your jokes now fools. The Patriots will march to their 4th ring over the broken backs of your weak defenses. 19-0!!!