ITunes alternative (pc) that does video

So it seems that I can’t get iTunes to work properly ob Win 7.

It won’t import converted videos and whenever I plug in my daughters nano it breaks it (so I have to use a special Apple recovery program, that only works on XP)

So what’s a good iPod alternative that can also transfer movies? I use Videora, so the movies are in the right format - iTunes just ignores them,

Media Monkey may work, but I’m not positive. I know it works with transferring everything else, so I doubt that it wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, Last time I looked, MM doesn’t work. I just installed a new OS, and haven’t looked if they have a new version from the last time I installed it (sometime last fall). At the time, they had no plans to include video support.

I have an Ipod touch, so to avoid itunes (filthy program that it is), I just use MM for music and AirSharing for pics and video. Works like a charm for me.

Before you give up entirely: are you running Win 7 64 bit? And did you install the 64 bit iTunes package? I haven’t had a problem with my Nano or iTunes but I’ve heard that the 32 bit iTunes package can cause problems.

I thought I was, but installed the 64-bit client just to be sure.
No dice on the videos as I still can’t add them to the library.

Also Air Sharing was a wasted buy since on large transfers it hangs with only five seconds left and looses connection - might be my network, but other computers on the network can transfer large files fine.

Wait wait wait, is it the newest nano or is the older nanos?