iTunes wierdness

Yes yes I know iTunes sucks blah blah blah but still I need to use it to keep the damn iPhone updated. Ok so here is the deal. I have one PC that I connect 2 iPhones to 1 3g and one 1st gen iPhone. That is the only PC that either phone has ever been connected to. Now this is going to sound retarded (no very retarded though because we are dealing with itunes) but with the 3g iphone I can take an MP3 file from my desktop and drag it directly to my phone and itunes will sync it on there but! with the 1st gen one it won’t let me do shit. It just gives me the big middle finger and tells me to go fuck my self. Has anyone seen this before? Really I should be able to do the same thing with both devices and I don’t see any difference between them. I’ve done some googleing but I can’t find shit.

You probably have “Manually manage music and videos” ticked on the 3G phone in iTunes, but not on the first-gen.

ugh I’ll have to try and find that setting. It didn’t pop out at me when I was digging through it the first time.

Connect your iPhone, click on its icon in the iTunes sidebar, under Devices. It’ll be on the Summary Tab, under Options.