Ivan The Terrible

Please, just go away, back to Russia preferably.We have all had enough down here…

Amen to that!

also, what the hell are you talking about?


The hurricane. [/quote]

Fair enough, and yes, I agree to that as well, you guys aren’t having much luck with your weather.

El Niño? For Seattle that means the rainy season won’t be so rainy. Hooray!

This one is gonna suck. I’m nervous all the way up here in B’ham. All lanes of Interstate 65 are northbound only from the coast to Birmingham. Possible 24’ waves. New Orleans could be under 18’ of water. SHitloads of rain. My roof needed re-roofing 6 months ago.

Anyone in it’s path, take care.

I’m not too worried up here in Huntsville.

Yeah, here’s some fun for you:

This is gonna be awesome.

Rainfall accumulations of 10 to 15 inches…with isolated higher
amounts…can be expected in association with Ivan.

Isolated tornadoes are possible beginning late this afternoon in
southern Alabama…the Florida Panhandle…and southwestern

Well, I am getting a day off work, but if there is no power, cable, or internet porn, what good is it?

As if you don’t have a stack of magazine porn.

or piglets and goats.


I hope the Mobile dog track survives. I have many fond memories there.


Still here.

Yeah, it wasn’t too bad up here. Tons of rain, some flood warnings, 40 mph gusts, but we never lost power. Plus I got off work at 3 today because of the storm.

Lost power for a good while. My mom still doesnt have power. Trees down everywhere, lots of flooding.

Well, I benefitted from Ivan. One of my best buds from grad school was scheduled to fly to a wedding in New Orleans via Miami; first the hurricane routed him to here in Chicago instead of Miami, and while he was in transit NO was ordered evacuated. So I got a four-day visit from my homeboy, and the wedding wasn’t even postponed. :D

I love california. Nice an sunny. Goin jet skiing tomorrow. Of course, Sacramento will be at the bottom of the Pacific after The Big One.

But seriously, we’re thinking of you guys over there. Hope everyone stays safe and sound.

Just got my power back. It’s 2:00am and it’s like Christmas. Wife watching TV, me browsin’. Hooray!