I've been pretty disappointed with CNN and the BBC

You think the CNN and the BBC are biased… Canada isn’t even supporting the war effort and the CBC and “Globe and Mail” are taking Iraqi prisoners of war! :shock:


Mmm. Would have been even funnier if they were French journalists. Imagine the many layers of irony!

You know how the US & USSR allied to fight Germany? Don’t recall us supporting communism after that…

By your logic I could argue that the alliance was a practical matter. The Soviets wouldn’t have stopped in Germany.

My point, oh magnificant guest, is that it was an alliance of convenience between two enemies against a common enemy. Al-Queda is only helping Iraq because we’re invading.

Oh. I was trying to insinuate that the coalition has no intention of stopping with Iraq.

Yeah, since you didn’t include a link, I’ll just assume–sight unseen–that this evidence is as legitimate as all the rest of the evidence.