I've done the unthinkable

Its been about a week since i’ve done it and now im proud to say it worked. I broke the antenna on my TV. I’ve never had cable TV and now that the antenna is broke my TV can’t recieve any channels at all, it only shows solid blue now. The only thing my TV can do is watch DVDs and VHS, I don’t own any consoles at the moment.

I did that the day I got my TV, five or six years ago. I’ve never looked back. :D

(A side benefit is that sheeple whose conversations consist entirely of references to TV shows and commercials will no longer be able to communicate with you at all.)

Except he’ll be able to fill that void with constant references to how he no longer watches TV!

Breaking the antenna is like burning your bra!

Area man constantly mentioning he doesn’t own a television . . .

That is a danger. The way around it is to constantly mention how much time you spend playing computer games. Accentuate the positive, you know?

Yeah. I did that once.

But then you become the token “computer guy.” And it just goes downhill from there. Then they start calling you all the time, even during your lunch break so that you can fix their computers, or restore a file from tape backup.

Who did they think I was, anyway? I mean just because my job title was Technician I …!

If I want to watch mind numbing stuff I’ll use my TV Card!

… I miss Discovery Channel :`/

Sounds like a Netflix subscription is in order…

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With all that extra time you now have, you were still unable to create a decent title for your post? What is with the recent rash of non-descriptive titles?


Give people more room in the subject line to let the creativity flow. Also, if you do this, be afraid of what said creativity might bring.

On-topic: In the summer of 2000 I parted ways with my roommie and after getting my own place, I opted to not continue with my cable TV service. Summer doldrums and all that. Come fall, I couldn’t be bothered to renew it. It wasn’t until March 2003 that I finally got the cable restored. I’ve probably watched about 20 hours of TV since, so I’m essentially throwing away nearly $50 every month. I’m canceling at the end of February. Again.

I used to watch a ton of TV, now I can barely make myself sit through any of it. My DVD collection is still growing nicely, though.

I never bought a TV when I moved away from home back in september, and I don’t think I’ve ever missed it. I never did like watching tv, the programs I wanted to watch were never on when I had the time to watch and there’s something about being bound by the tv’s schedule that just doesn’t sit right with me. That, and the commercials were driving me nuts. I never really discovered how much I loathed the commercial breaks until I gave up on TV. A lot of the tv-shows I like can be found on the net, commercial free and available for download and viewing whenever I feel like, so that is pretty much the optimal solution for me.

… pretty much the reason I love my TiVo.

Hell, I haven’t watched live television in nearly a year. I find myself deliberately waiting until something’s over to go watch it on the TiVo so that I can fast forward through the commercials and whatnot. And thanks to the season passes, half the time I couldn’t even tell you the normal nights and times a series is normally scheduled, as it’s all taken care of for me.

Welcome to the club…

I actually pay for a cable connection that I don’t use, because the combo fee for Internet + basic cable is not that much more than that of just the Internet service, and when I have guests they sometimes desire to watch commercial TV. However, with extremely rare exceptions, the only thing I use my TV for is DVDs. In the last eight years I’ve watched perhaps 8 hours of commercial TV at home (it’s hard to escape elsewhere when the average bar or grill has a dozen monitors playing at all times, or when you visit an addict’s house who has to have the damn thing on every hour of the day…)

Don’t worry, fellas, I’ve got you covered. I currently have something like 40 season passes on TiVo. Some of them are shows that have been cancelled. Others I’m pretty sure are shows that haven’t been invented yet. But when they are invented, I’ll watch them all. Sometimes I watch them more than once. I have the episode of Space Ghost where he interviews Triumph saved forever, I think I’ve seen that one like 20 times. Newsradio, the Simpsons, Family Guy, Home Movies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Drew Carey, whatever. I’ve seen them all more than twice and I still watch them when they come up in reruns. There are at least five episodes of Newsradio that I can recite from memory. Backwards. One time I was on the phone with a friend and I heard the TV in the background so I started finishing lines for them. I don’t have any friends left.

Point is, every time one of you fuckers throws an antenna away or cancels their cable subscription I’m adding six more season passes. THey don’t even have to be good shows. There’s this show on Lifetime where a bunch of fat women sit in a circle and talk about how boring they are. That might have to be next.

That’s the beauty of a Series 1 TiVo … You can keep upgrading the harddrives to get more recording space. ;)

Hurray Looks like I managed to get rid of my TV just in time. Just saw this article on the yahoo front page.