I've started my DVD collection

For some reason some switch in the back of my id has been toggled and I’ve started collecting DVD’s this month.

So far my collection includes :

Soylent Green
Office Space
A Boy And His Dog
Dr. Strangelove

and I’ve just ordered Dark Star.

I’ve really enjoyed all of the above. Dark humour/classic apocolypse seems to be doing it for me.

Can anyone suggest any other obscure films that could appeal to me based on my tiny collection so far?


Your mother sucks cock in Hell.

The Exorcist?

Logan’s Run
A Clockwork Orange

Dark humour: Bad Santa
Apocalyptic: Omega Man

The Quiet Earth.

12 Monkeys (not obscure but awesome as hell DVD)
81/2 mm

The Collector


Absolutely genius reply.

Serious suggestions:

Blue Velvet
A Clockwork Orange
The Wicker Man

Do it up right and get the 3-version Criterion set.

Blade Runner
City of Lost Children
Death Race 2000
Logan’s Run
The Stand

Big Lebowski (no DVD collection is complete without it)

Battlefield Earth (kidding! unless you want something that’s 200% cheese)

Do NOT get Blade Runner now, wait for the 2007 director’s cut.



Hey, I bought Zardoz! It was very cheap, and very bad.

I thought my collection took shape when I got all of Kubrick’s movies, and a good Hitchcock collection makes you look classy (although a Bergman collection would be better, but I don’t like them so much).

I stuck to a lot of movies I knew I’d want to see again. Pulp Fiction, Silence of the Lambs, a bunch of cartoons (Simpsons and Futurama) - that sort of stuff.

And get some good shelf space - they take up a lot of room (I eventually moved mine to a folder, which is very handy, but hard to organise as you add to it).

I realize how High Fidelity-sounding this is, but I tend to organize my DVDs thematically. So, for example, the horror section is organized left-to-right in accordance with how plasible the monster or plot device is. Jaws goes first, because hey, sharks are real. Then Alien, because there is probably alien life in the universe (although admittedly not ones designed to look like H.R. Giger’s penis). Then 28 Days Later because they ain’t zombies, then Dawn of the Dead because they are zombies, then American Werewolf In London, Near Dark, etc. finally ending with The Ninth Gate because in my opinion a werewolf is more plausible than Satan.

My entire collection is like this, with different criteria. Musicals are organized by ratio of plot to music, so Singin’ In The Rain goes before Rock ‘n’ Roll High School. My noirs are organized by how purely evil the femme fatale is. And so on.

I’m not buying any more DVDs, because HDDVDs/Bluray are so much better.

I won’t replace any (well, maybe a couple) of my expansive existing collection of DVDs, but it seems like a waste to buy any new DVDS for movies that will ultimately be released in higher definition format.

I’m not buying any more DVDs because pirating is easier.

I’m holding off on buying anything at this point. I figure I can rent from Netflix/BB and get any DVD/HDDVD I want right now. In 5 years I fully expect to be paying that same monthly fee to Netflix or whoever and being able to watch whatever movie I want, whenever. In Super-ultra-Hi-def, 37.1 sound, smell-o-vision, etc.