"I've tried to tech the tech" (Ron Moore and placeholder tech)

I just read this from Ron Moore at some conference explaining the use of “tech” as a placeholder in Star Trek scripts.


La Forge: “Captain, the tech is overteching.”

Picard: “Well, route the auxiliary tech to the tech, Mr. La Forge.”

La Forge: “No, Captain. Captain, I’ve tried to tech the tech, and it won’t

Picard: “Well, then we’re doomed.”

“And then Data pops up and says, 'Captain, there is a theory that if you tech the other tech … '” Moore said. “It’s a rhythm and it’s a structure, and the words are meaningless. It’s not about anything except just sort of going through this dance of how they tech their way out of it.”

Amusing in a marklar way. I understand why writers might do this, especially where continuity is an issue (maybe they should use it more). But coming from Moore, I get the feeling that maybe he went overboard with the use of placeholders in plotting that series.

“No, Admiral. We can’t tech the tech because of reason.”

“Starbuck, I feel you.”

“The cylons are going to something us. And they have a another thing.”

Slap some tricorder on that tech and work your way out of any problem.

On a side note, that is a great pic of Moore. Feathered hair will never die!

Fixed that for you.

This is awesome. Now I want a filter that lets me watch old Star Trek episodes with all the tech genericized.

“I need more TECH, Scotty!”
“Captain! Any more tech and she’ll blow!”
“You pointy-eared, green-blooded techlover.
“Your distaste for tech is most illogical, Doctor.”

Yo dawg, I heard you liked tech so I put some tech on that tech.

Countdown to Kanye West, Ima let you finish joke in 3… 2… 1…

Smurfed that for you.

Don’t you be smurfing my tech, you smurflover.