J'accuse - Dreyfus, Zola, Polanski, Harris

a great political movie about the Dreyfus affair pre WW1 era, 1895 and beyond. Famous french author Emile Zola went to prison for a year after publishing his famous article in a french paper, titled “J’accuse!” - I indict! A french officer fights for the truth and moral against an immoral government. I loved it, based on a book by Robert Harris. If you are interested in this time period, it is very good crafted movie.

Where/how did you see it? I doubt it’ll be making its way to any of my local theaters for a very long time, especially after reading that even the cinemas in France were reluctant to support it last year.

it opened regular here in Germany,

to wet the appetite, sometimes one man with principles can make all the difference

Well, Polanski would know about that, wouldn’t he.

and Romney

Oh I see. This is “An Officer and a Spy” over here.

The next round of César nominations are going to look very different.

The entire board of the César Academy, which distributes France’s equivalent of the Oscars, has resigned amid a wave of criticism of its nomination for 12 awards for a film by Roman Polanski.

In a statement on Thursday night, the academy said the board had “unanimously decided to resign” to “honour those men and women who made cinema happen in 2019, to find calm and ensure that the festival of film remains just that, a festival”.

Polanksi? He can go to hell. Sooner would be better than later. No interest in seeing anything he is involved with no matter how talented he is.

Polanski continued his best director winning-streak at the Cesars prompting walkouts, notably including the star of Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Adèle Haenel, who came forward as a child victim of sexual abuse last year. Shockingly out of touch move even nominating him.

Pretty big protest outside, too.