Jack Black to star as Green Lantern? GUH?

Lifted from Superherohype.com:

Ain’t-It-Cool-News is reporting that the rumors about Jack Black playing Green Lantern are true…

Jack Black has closed his deal. He will be playing Green Lantern in a film that has been described as a “zany comedy version a la THE MASK.” All rights to the DC comic have been worked out as well, so you can expect to start hearing more about this project in the months ahead.

Oh, that would SO suck.

:( He’s a funny guy, but I want a real Green Lantern movie!

They’re doing a G’nort movie?

Does anyone actually take anything Harry at AICN says seriously? Hasn’t it been proven numerous times that people make up completely outlandish stories, send them in, and Harry runs with it with minimal fact-checking?

Arrgh! If they’re going to do a movie with a “kooky” superhero, why not use one that’s already kooky, like Plasticman?

Because Warner Bros is out to prove that they can complete screw up their live action superhero franchises.

Because Warner Bros is out to prove that they can complete screw up their live action superhero franchises.[/quote]
How frustrating if this news is real. If you had a big enough budget, a Green Lantern movie could be very visually impressive. The ring lends itself to flashier stuff than Superman, anyway.

Not me, though they did give a nice write up to the Serenity script. ;)

I’m still waiting for Aquaman: Land Assault.

They could actually make this fun if they played it silver-age style:

Hal Jordan has to run off to Sector 1138 to save the Gleendronkiods from galactic annihilation. He has to leave immediately, but wants Earth to remain protected. Pieface is nowhere to be seen, so he deputizes aircraft repairman Jack Schwartz, who’s a bit bumbling but good of heart and strong-willed. The movie follows Jack’s exploits as he learns to master the ring.

That could be a fun movie. But not till after I get my “serious” GL movie, dagnabbit!

(You do realize I just asked for a serious movie about a man with with a ring that shoots energy projections shaped by his imagination, that he recharges from a galactic lantern, that he was given by all-powerful blue midgets, right?)

And of course, you are all ignoring the possibility that this is merely Jack Black in his first dramatic action hero role.

Laugha while you can, Monkey Boy, but remember Mr. Mom was Batman.

Not necessarily his first- he has a pretty significant role in Peter Jackson’s King Kong remake coming up though it remains to be seen how much of it will be straight and how much will be comedy.

I know this is the wrong thing to say, but Green Lantern is pretty damn silly and stupid to begin with. He flies around and makes various appliances with a magic ring? And I’m not just talking about making accurate reproductions of lances and hammers with nail claws, I’m talking about making a freakin’ toaster if the situation calls for it. That’s just stupid. If you need a shield, make a round thingy that blocks stuff, don’t put a drawing of a lion on the front and straps on the back.

Of course, now we have the Lantern Corp and edgy comics, and the rings are used a bit more intelligently. They are also insanely overpowered now. Remember that episode of Justice League where the standard fighting blast presumably blew up an entire planet? C’mon.

GL is ripe for parody and I, for one, welcome it.


Okay, but Jack Black is fat and has an enormous head. He could be MODOC in a Captain America film, but as GL?

Now if you are freakin out about this, have you read an issue of Green Latern lately? The currect Green Latern has been written as a comedy for a good 8 years. (execpt for the odd “lets get serious because we are talking about homosexuals” issue) This isn’t out of the realm for the character. Yeah Jack Black doesn’t have that “Superhero build” but the ring is a thought weapon. I think this could work really well.

He should just get together with Spike Jonze on a Wonderboy movie.

Hm, I wonder if casting Jack Black means that Ambush Bug (funniest DC character, ever) will show up?