Jack Klugman, RIP

Dead at 90. What an amazing actor, though he is well known for the Odd Couple and Quincy TV shows, it’s his terrific performances in 2 Twilight Zone episodes that stand out for me. RIP.

I was going to post almost the those very words

And with Klugman, the last juror from 12 Angry Men has died.

I don’t recall Klugman on the Twilight Zone – haven’t watched all that many episodes – but I did love his acting everywhere else I saw him. Ave atque vale.

A great body of work - loved those Twilight Zones he was in. RIP.

RIP, loved him on the Twilight Zone as well.

Another great performance! Didn’t realize he was the only one left. That entire cast was brilliant.

I was lucky enough to see him and Tony Randall do The Odd Couple on stage in London back in the late 90s. He’d had throat surgery at some point and his voice was really rough, but they were both hilarious in Simon’s original play.

RIP, Jack. You were one of the greats.

When I was a kid it was all about Quincy, which for its time was a bit cutting edge. It was only later that I saw the Odd Couple and realized just how good of a comic actor he also was.


I loved Quincy as a kid. It was the ur-CSI. RIP.

Yep even here in the UK he was big, Quincy was real Sunday viewing

Quincy is on netflix actually, I’ve been watching it. It aired before I was born but I watched reruns growing up. I still love it. I’ll miss him.

I remember him being married to some actress/comedian who did a lot of daytime game show stuff. Now I will have to look that up, damn.

Brett Summers

Somers,…I did looked it up.