Jack Parsons

I’d never heard of the man, but he came up three times this month for seemingly unrelated reasons.

  1. A discussion here on Qt3 IIRC
  2. A song called “Blood and Rockets” by the Claypool Lennon Delerium
  3. A novella by China Mieville called “The Last Days of New Paris”.

Weird guy.

Yep, pretty weird dude. Heard of him off and on over the years, because I read about weird things. He figures a bit in Mark Frost’s Secret History of Twin Peaks book. Apparently Aleister Crowley considered him kind of a pain in the ass.

Ha, funny. He came up in a podcast I listened to recently, too.

From what I gather reading Wikipedia, he was very smart but not very successful with academics. Maybe he had ADHD?