Jack Tripper goes to that singles complex in the sky

John Ritter has died at age 54. Something heart-related, as CNN is reporting he was rushed to the hospital for something called “dissection of the aorta.” Man, of all the old Three’s Company stars, you’d have thought that Don Knotts would have been the first to go…

54 is way too young. Damn. I volunteer to be a foster father for his “8 Simple Rules” daughters.

In other “Dead Guys Named John” news, Johnny Cash. Also, Ed Rooney is a kiddie sex offender. What a lame day.

WHAT? Johnny Cash died yesterday?!

Yeah he’s totally dead.

Jeezus, I’m now waiting for a third celeb to drop, being a believer in the “Celebrities Die in Threes” theory. It just happens.

Can’t say I watched his new sitcom, but he’ll always be the Great Jack Tripper to me. Gawd, this sucks.

Ever hear the stories of those days on Three’s Company? He was supposed to be quite the Ladies Man, if you know what I mean. I remember reading a Vanity Fair interview with him, and he was answering that question with “Don’t go there, it was a long time ago” response, but when asked about the rumor that he was really physically fit in certain parts of his body, he answered with “I was hard, really hard.” I thought that was hilarious.

Oh yeah, and a big Amen to the Man in Black. Never a huge country fan, but I dare you to listen to “Ring of Fire” and not get it in your head.

I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

RIP John Ritter. 54 is still too young.

And to think my last memory of him will be as the psychotic robot father figure from Buffy the Vampire Slayer…

I wrote a short obit for both, if anyone is interested.


John Denver is still dead at age 53.

Ritter played my favorite character in ‘Slingblade’.

Heck, I just watched Ed Rooney in Ed Wood today. He seemed a bit weird in that movie.

Yeah he always creeped me out when I was a kid. Somehow this didn’t surprise me.

We’ve already got three dead celebs this week, Wooly. Warren Zevon died on Sunday. Man, this has been a really awful week. I was just starting to accept Warren’s death, and now Johnny Cash? Damn. And if you think Johnny was just country and gospel, grab any of the four American Recordings albums produced by Rick Rubin. Incredible stuff.

I have grabbed Rick Rubin’s stuff. It is incredible. But I still think Cash was country and gospel. Give the man his legacy, because it aint “Personal Jesus” and “Hurt” what made him famous.

Yeah, but look at his whole career. Some of his best work was recorded in the last decade. Although nothing tops that delightfully goofy “Girl From The North Country” duet with Dylan on Nashville Skyline. What a great song, what a great album. There’s a bootleg out there with all the Dylan-Cash collaborations from those recording sessions that I’ve really gotta track down one of these days.

Ritter was WAY underrated as an actor. I hadn’t even thought about his newest show, but the Buffy show came immediately to mind. He was excellent in that one.

I ran into Cash at a convention…literally. I was going into the bathroom and he was coming out. He looked down at me (he’s a big man!) and said hey. I nodded to him and moved on. It was the middle of his set and he was using the public bathroom just like everyone else. He looked tired…and old. He had a lot of health problems. I kind of surprised he lasted as long as he did, to be honest.

John Ritter was only good in Sling Blade.

Damn, I wish I would have liked country music more when I was young. Before it turned to shite. Johnny Cash kicked ass! :(

I wonder if God is singing, “Come 'n knock on my door. . . .” to Mr. Ritter?

OK, that was bad. 8)